Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Virum mihi, Camena, insece versutum*. Fat Boy Bakes' Banana Walnut Cake and Durian Poppy Cake.

Fat Boy Bakes, aka CY. Cult Baker extraordinaire. Quarter Marathoner. Did he live up to his expectation? I have only heard about this elusive cybersphere baker, after following some food blogs. Thanks to Cumi and Ciki, I had the opportunity to meet this famous baker in real life. Quiet and unassuming, humorous to boot. A perfect gentleman, which is the highest compliment that anybody can give. And always reply my text messages promptly to boot!

Had 2 birthdays in the office. Volunteered to get the cakes so that I can try out FBB's cakes. First was the Banana Walnut. My Boss is a health nut. Plus, the cake had to travel a daunting 300km to Terengganu because they will celebrate it there. After lunch, back at the office, I brought out the cake.

The Banana Walnut cake was still in pristine condition, it survived the journey unbattered and unbruised. Impressive! Cut it, smelled it and savoured it. Marvelous texture. Not the least bit bogged down in oil. Bananas not overpowering. Just nice mixture of walnuts and raisins. Perfection. Best Banana Cake I have ever tasted.

The cake was duly gobbled up by the entire office in 5 minutes.

2nd party for another collaegue of mine. Planned to be a lunch thingy, but there was some emergency at work and got postponed to a late tea time affair.

Durian Poppy Seed Cake.

Fragrant. Not overtly oily. Good texture, some hints of bitterness at the edges, slight bogging at the base, but still lovely. It came with some durian + dairy cream thingy to be smeared on top, but I was too eager to munch down the cake and forgot to take a picture.

Good thing it was a Friday. Because the whole office smelled of durians!! As per the banana cake, it got gobbled down in 5 minutes and I caught somebody licking off the cream from the container it came in!

Kudos to FBB, you really deserve your adulations and I am one of your fans now.

To those not familiar with Latin: *Virum mihi, Camena, insece versutum = "Tell me, O Muse, of the skillful man.", which is the first line of Homer's Odyssey.

Contact Info for FBB @ http://fatboybakes.blogspot.com/


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Muahahahahahahahahahaha. I've never seen Homer and FBB mentioned in the same paragraph before. :-P

fatboybakes said...

gufffaw, i am blushing... i dunt think anyone's spoken to me in latin before. i see what you mean about the butter sinking to the bottom. i think prob cant be helped la, since durian so heavy...must have been dragged down together.

Maleewan said...

I must try the durian cake when I go to KL

CUMI & CIKI said...

the only thing that homer and fbb have in common is the BELLY! (you r talking 'bout homer simpson rite.. mwuahahaha)

"Born but to banquet, and to drain the bowl. "

Paranoid Android said...

LL: Ha ha... I sometimes think that life is always a Homeric Odyssey, battling monsters and temptations along the route and of course meeting kind souls (and sympathetic gods) that make the journey a bit easier. Love your pics of the food at Max, and do congratulate BE for me! And I love Murakami too... Magical idealism vs POP culture.

FBB: You seem to be the brunt of the joke here. Will dig up my old Murakamis one day, it is still unpacked in one of the boxes.

Kip: Sure thing. Come to KL and I will order for you.

C&C: LOL... You guys are hilarious!

ALL: Will be back in KL on Friday!

Vonks said...

Hmmm....know I understand the many copies of Homer lying around the house!!

So chim.. so chim...

Paranoid Android said...

@Vonks: Yeah... You know your brother la... Book Junkie!

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