Saturday, July 4, 2009

Little Piggy went to the Market. Pork Noodles at Win Heng Seng, Imbi.

After being away for 6 days, the first thing I usually do is to proceed to the kitchen to check for new alien life forms... cross mutations between rotting vegetables, fruits or meat! This time I was lucky. Only 2 rotten onions in the colander.

Since I'll be away for another 2 weeks again, I went to Imbi Market to shop for my fibre supply. Fruits stalls in Imbi Market are very well stocked with exotic fruits. My Hair Stylist calls Imbi Market the Tai Tai Market, and Pudu market the See Nai (C9) Market.My favourite fruit stall at Imbi is Stall No: 8. Not only is the stall owner friendly, he is also very honest. I have managed to taste Philibon Melons from France, Blue Apricots, Peaches (my fave), Nectarines, custard apples, Rock Melons, all flown in, fresh from in from their countries of origin.

That Friday, I was in luck. Fresh Saucer Peaches from California. Mmmm... should be ready for eating in 2 days. Tired of doing the Weng Ko/Seafood noodles thingy every time I come here, I opted for something different this time.

Win Heng Seng's Pork Noodle stall, is located right opposite the junction of Jalan Walter Grenier and Jalan Imbi. Supposed to be very famous around Imbi. True enough, it was packed. The inside was already bursting it's seams. I had to wait for 10 minutes for a seat outdoors, unshaded, under the hot sun. How quaint! Having breakfast in a sauna cum tanning salon.

The noodles arrived after another 10 minutes. By that time I was already sweating and Niagara Falls was already forming in my butt crack. Noodles were only so-so... I guess nothing can taste good under such extreme heat. I slurped half the noodles and went on my way home.

Life for my Momijis may not be a bed of roses, but on Friday, it was a bed of peaches.

The peaches smelled so good, but was still a bit hard. Not ready for consumption yet!

Lovely peaches. Proceeded to Kinokuniya to get some books. The brain does need some sustenance too!


CUMI & CIKI said...

breakfast in a sauna cum tanning salon.. .sounds like my kinda plc! hehe

eeeee.. momiji n peaches .. too cute. why didnt u put the momiji ON the peach.. like she flattened it? Tt wld be so cute!

Paranoid Android said...

@C&C: He He He.... What a great idea, next time I will try that!

Vonks said...

Have not found good pork noodles in KL. Somehow I prefer the pork balls round instead of elongated...and with cuttlefish in the centre Luv the pix!

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