Thursday, July 23, 2009

Italian on Sixth, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. Sixth floor is still a long way to heaven.

Italian Food. Never a shortage of Italian Restaurants in KualaLumpur and PJ. It has been mushrooming rather unobtrusively over the past 5 years. In Pavilion itself, there are 2 Italian Joints. One is Michaelangelo and the other one is Italian on Sixth.

This rather elegant looking eatery is located next to Carat Club, on the sixth floor of Pavilion. From the exterior, it looks dark and muted. Rather intimidating, if you ask me.

As I entered the restaurant, Laura Pausini was wailing in the air, belting out one of her very early hits. They have a set lunch menu, and being the ever frugal Chinaman that I am, I perusd it, and decided to order the set, Caesar Salad, Minestrone, Pork Chop and Tiramisu.

The Caesar Salad was ok. How can you go wrong with a salad right? The balsamic dressing was tangy and had the right acidity, and the salad itself was generously drizzled with cheese. The croutons were very flavourful and had a smoky bacon taste.

The clear minestrone was light and brothy, not the earthy, thick variety. Come to think of it, there are so many versions of the Minestrone! I sprinkled some grated cheese on it to add a little body. Filled with crunchy broccoli. Just so so.

The Pork Chop came with a Chorizo andOnion Sauce. The Chrorizo was heavily infused with Pimento and was quite good. The Pork was a bit tough. Sauce was a bit too Oriental for me.

The Tiramisu that was served fr dessert was not up to par for me too. The sponge was too dry for me and the Marscapone as not decadent. Not enough liquer.

Set lunch is valued at RM75.00

Italian on Sixth
6th Floor, Pavilion

+60 3 2148 2312


Chalawan said...

Dude, you sure that's a chorizo? The dishes are so dainty.

Paranoid Android said...

He he he... no inneundos please. Yep, the salad was dainty.

Thailand Club said...

at RM75 (approx. Thai Baht 750) is not easy for lunch esp. when u didn't really appreciated them all

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