Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nerovivo. Jalan Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur. Enoteca con Cuccina Italia.

Nero Group. With 3 resturants and a deli under it's wings, the Nero group must be the most influential people in Italian cuisine scene in Kuala Lumpur. Nerovivo was their first born, their pride and when it first opened, the whole town was abuzz about their wood fired pizza. Neroteca is their non kosher version located nearby at the Sommerset Residences.

My friends used to joke around and called Nerovivo NeroMelayu and Neroteca was christened NeroMyanmar, because it employed a lot of Myanmar waiters for obvious reasons.. Fortunately the Myanmar waiters are very well trained and are able to give you suggestions about the menu, unlike in other restaurants. Finished freaking late at work and at 11pm, where can I get some good grub to cheer me up? Fortunately, the kitchen at Nerovivo closes at 11.30pm. Very Mediterranean hours, thank god.

Ordered the Green Vivo, which is a refreshing combination of Midori and Pineapple juice to wind down and took my time with the menu. The menu here is very extensive compared to the one in Neroteca.

Wilted, salty and pungent. That description was me, not the food. I thought I wanted to blend in with the sea inspired dinner that I was about to order, and did not go back for a shower. It was already late, and I did not want to tax my already overburdened digestive tract, and ordered something light.

Started of with Sauteed Mussels with White Wine, Cherry Tomatoes and Gralic Crostini (which is the fancy name for Garlic Bread). Mussels were fresh and the white wine sauce was clear and fragrant. I liked it.

The Angel Hair sauteed with Scallops, Sundried Tomatoes in Alia Oglio and Rocket Salad was slightly too dry, as you can see from the second pic. The Angels ran out of hair conditioner and hence the Angel Hair did not look glossy enough for the photo shoot.

But the Scallops were humongous and succulent. Quite good. When my friend asked me what it was, when he saw my photos of the dish, I replied, Italian Gon Low Mein.

The Strawberry Mango Millefoglie was also good. The Chantilly Cream was not too overpowering and the crispy puff pastry that layered this creamy Dessert was slightly too hard and not brittle enough. Lovely little meal, in a nice environment, and as the signature Nero restaurant 5 star service. Chose to dine alone because I have been talking the whole day at work, and did not feel like small talk. Suddenly missed my friends in Kuantan, especially Miss D'Silva, who used to entertain me with her small little literature vignettes, especially from the British Canon authors.

Nerovivo (click here for website)
No:3A Jalan Ceylon
50200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel:+60 3 2070 3120


Maleewan said...

The Angel hair looks good, so does the Millefoglie. Definitely more dining friendly than the crazy Spasso. Looks very romantic too.

Chalawan said...

Agrees with Maleewan. This place lookslike a good place to dine. Provencal french house ambiance is so not me....

Paranoid Android said...

@M: Yes. The food is generally ok. Went back again yesterday.

@Chalawan:Sooo... Whan are you coming over?

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