Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fong Lye, Gardens Mid Valley Megamall Kl. Taiwanese Dining at the Tower of Babel.

The Tower of Babel. According to the Old Testament of the Bible, men originally spoke in one common language. After the great floods, men assembled together and attempted to build a lofty tower in the city of Babel, reaching the clouds. Their motive for the construction of this grand tower was not for the purpose of worshiping God, but to glorify the builders and to show the grandriosity men are capable of when acting as a cohesive, collected group. This irritated God and God cursed the men with multiple language and cast them off to different corners of the earth as a lesson.

I am an agnostic, please do not ask me if this is to be taken literally or not. You know what I'll answer.

I had the chance to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. While waiting for the movie two start, I had about 2 hour's time to spare. I have always passed Lye Fong when go to GSC Signature Gardens and there is always a large crowd of diners inside. My friend and I decided to brave the crowd to give it a go.

The interior of the restaurant was blindingly bright. And it was very, very crowded too. We were given menus and we had to write down the dishes we wanted and pass it to the waiters. Almost all the waiters were from Myanmar. Not knowing what to order, we looked at other tables for inspiration and played match the dishes game with the menu.

Started of with their sweet potato balls (RM 5.30). Fluffy, deep fried balls of chewy sweet potato + dough. not too bad, quite fragrant. The coconut milk toast (RM 4.30) was fragrant. The appetizers tasted like desserts.

The Taiwanese Rou Yuan or Meat ball (RM 6.80) was a little bit too exotic for me. Chopped bits and pieces of Pork Meat, wrapped in thin dumpling skin. What was a bit off tasting was the red coloured sauce that was slathered on to the dumpling. An acquired taste.

Hot and Spicy Dim Sum (RM 16.50) was so horrendously misnamed. Nothing that remotely looked or tasted like Dim Sum. I beckoned the waiter over to ask him what was inside the dish, because neither me nor my friend could identify anything else other than the tofu and cabbage inside this dish. Unfortunately, the waiter could not speak English, Cantonese or Mandarin. I have nothing against the employment of Myanmars as waiters. Some of my good friends are from Myanmar.

But the least that the management could do would be to offer them some training. One hour of English a day before the restaurant opens would suffice. Neroteca has a lot of Myanmar waiters, but all of them speak excellent English and can even speak some Italian. They can rattle of the special of the day and give suggestions on what to order and describe some of the more popular wines there.

I also tried the 3 Variety Supreme Diced Chicken set (RM 19.80). It came with rice, some lotus root salad, stuffed aubergines and a slice of sausage roll. The chicken was stir fired in some soya based sauce and topped with local basil.

The chicken was not too bad, but slightly too tough and oily. The total bill came to RM76.60 with three drinks.


thule a.k.a leo said...

Fong Lye... yes yes!! The Supreme Chicken dish is good. But if got the chance next time, try their braised minced pork dish... one of Taiwanese fav food...
By the way, Optimus Prime rocks!!!

Paranoid Android said...

Yeah... Optimus Prime rocks. To all the dumb ass movie critics who panned the movie: Hey! Whatcha talking about plots and acting for. This is a Transformer movie, not a Kenneth Branagh/Paltrow productions. Robots don't act!

The CGI was awesome.

Will try their braised minced pork the next time. Thanks.

in the sea said...

Look pretty good. Haven't been to Mid Valley for quite a long time. Stayed there twice and it's quite an unique mall. My favourite hotel in KL is Maya opposite to KLCC and I enjoy walking to the mono-rail station off Renaissance or walk to KLCC and to my favourite Mandarin Oriental too. The Chinese restaurant of Mandarin Oriental is quite nice though except one time they disappointed me.

Will try to browse for this blog. Making me so hungry now... :)

Paranoid Android said...

ITS: Wow! Maya is so expensive. But my German Clients love that hotel. Yes, blogging makes me hungry all the time.

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