Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sao Nam. Changkat Tung Shin, KL. Vietnamese Fine Dining.

It was a hot day, and terribly hazy too
. Woke up late, with a hang over, not from C2H5OH, but from a horrible day at work the previous day. My head was spinning and I struggled out of bed and put on Casal's Bach Cello Suites. Morose sound of Cello, and for those who know me, sign of a don't fxxx with me day. Felt nauseous and am thanking my lucky stars that I have to work only at 3pm.

Felt hungry, but cannot decide what to eat. Suddenly I remembered Sao Nam. I have such fond memories of that place. The food has been always good, but I have neglected it somehow.

Vietnamese Cuisine is very diverse and utilities a lot of herbs and spices to enhance the flavour of their dishes. Usually served with a lot of fresh vegetables, it would prove to be refreshing. I needed my caffeine fix, and the wonderfully aromatic Vietnamese Drip Coffee they serve at Sao Nam would do the trick nicely.

The inerior is simple, yet tastefully decorated. Paul, one of the owners, was sitting outside when I arrived. We had a long chat while I was waiting for my food. We talked about the changes along the Changkat Bukit Bintang strip that has been going since i last saw him. The Barzan drip coffee jolted me out of my suspended animation and I felt a bit more chatty.

Been thinking about the Mangosteen Salad for a long, long time. Somehow or another something crops up and destroys my plans last minute. Served cold with boiled prawns, dried cuttlefish, sesame and a sprinkle of freshly grated coconuts. The dressing was sourish and sweet. The Lime based dressing gave the salad tartness and zest. A real pick me up for a hot, crappy day.

Next was the Fried Aubergine with Chillies. The aubergines were soft, without any hint of greasiness. The sourish Chilli dressing with garlic and coriander blended nicely. No wonder the Vietnamese girls look so good in an Ao Dai. Both dishes did not have any hint of oil in them. They ran out of desserts.

Hymne A L'amour was playing when I sat at the outdoors patio.

Service was as usual, excellent. Food also marvelous. Lovely start to an otherwise pissy day.

Sao Nam
25, Tingkat Tung Shin
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-21441225


Sean said...

oh yeah, i can't help but order that mangosteen salad each time at sao nam. it really does deserve all the praise it's received all these years. but maybe i'm biased, since the mangosteens is my favorite fruit (along with ciku). :D

Paranoid Android said...

Yeah... Must ask them to creat a ciku salad for you too....

Maleewan said...

The food looks yum yum sep sep... Is the food spicy?

Chalawan said...

Where that bunch of greens that comes with the dishes? Is the place as good as Saigon Kitchen?

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