Saturday, July 18, 2009

Frontera. Jaya One, PJ. Tex Mex Food.

Tex Mex food. I have not tasted any in KL that made me drool and beg for seconds. Wanted to go to Kissaten, and called them up at 10.30am, but nobody picked up the phone. Read in their blog that they open from 11am till 11pm. Loitered at Starbucks til 10 minutes past 11am, but they are still not open. Sigh..... Malaysian time.

Saw Frontera directly opposite Kissaten, and thought that some Tex-Mex food might tickle my palate today. After all, my next appointment was at 1pm. Ordered some Crispy Toastadas Mexicanas and Spicy Prawn Diablo.

The interior of this joint is very boozy and filled with antique photographs and pinatas hanging from the ceiling.

Pictures of Turn of the 20th Century Mexico and Pancho Villa adorns the walls of this Restaurant.

The Spicy Prawn Diablo was not as spicy as what I had expected it to be. Anything with the word Diablo (Devil) conjures up an image of an inferno ravaged hell right? The menu said it comes with sauteed vegetables. But, tak ada... There seems to be some discrepancy in the menu compared to the actual food served.

The Tostadas were not crunchy and did not come with any Guacamole or Pico de Gallo, as described in the menu. Only tomatoes and lime juice, no avocados, cilantro, jalapenos... nada.

More like a booze joint.


Sean said...

looking for spicy? ask for the habanero chilli here. they're willing to serve it on its own, and it packs an intense wallop! :D
but yeah, there are hits and misses at frontera...

Paranoid Android said...

The were just opening up when i went there, so they tak layan sangat la...
No hanaberos and nobody singing hanabera for me. :p

Ramesh V said...


Thanks for the post.

Unfortunate for us, the post is not too flattering. :(

I hope you would come by again & give us another chance.

BTW, I have added one of your pic here ->


Ramesh V
Frontera Sol of Mexico

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