Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Friday Morning. Chilli Pan Mee @ SS2, Teuscher @ BSC

A little bird whispered in my ear that the famous Batu Road Chilli Pan Mee has opened up at SS2. Located at Cheow Yang side of SS2, same row as Nasi Kandar Kayu.

Eager to try it out as getting to Batu Road seems a tad daunting to me, with it's horrible traffic and uncertain car park availability. The Batu Road Chilli Pan Mee seems to be the Lourdes for Pan Mee worshipers. A lot of superlatives were used to describe the taste in other blogs.

The restaurant was already open for business when I arrived at 9.45am. It was still empty. Ordered their famous Chilli Pan Mee. A bowl of dry Pan Mee arrived promptly at my table filled with the usual condiments of chopped pork, fried shallots, fried ikan bilis and poached egg. Scooped in an extra helping of their fried dried chilli for some extra ooomph.

I found the noodles too dry and lacks flavour. Did not see what the big fuss was all about.

Their Sui Kow (Pork Dumplings) were not too bad. But unfortunately both did not tickle my taste bud that day. Did not finish the noodles and the dumplings.

Had to go to Ikea to get some stuff. Decided to take the scenic route and stopped at Teuscher, BSC to get some Champagne Truffles to cheer me up a bit. Did not know we had Teuscher here until I read about it in the almost encyclopaedic Sean's blog. The link is under my blog list.

Surprise! Mother Hubbard's cupboard was almost empty. New stocks coming in at 4pm, said the very pleasant girl manning the outlet. No truffles! Arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Nice interior. Christmassy in fact! Decided to hang around after getting some dark orange pralines and gianduja.

Had their hot chocolate, which was yummy! That cheered me up a bit. Got their number. Will call them up before going there next time to make sure that Champagne Trufles are available!

That reminds me. I need to get some paraquat. I'll lace some worms with it to poison the stupid bird that whispered in my ear that day.

Ha ha ha!

Tuescher is located at FK1, Level 1,
BSC Jalan Maarof.

Tel: + 60 3 20 93 76 33

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Chalawan said...

Been to KL twice, but feel that the Noodles in soup there does not have that aroma and taste compared to the Thai Chinese Noodles in Thailand. I noticed that all your comments on the noodles in KL had been not too good too. Maybe your tongue has turned Thai. Ha ha ha...

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