Sunday, July 19, 2009

Four Seasons Restaurant. Cap Square, KL. Duck Tales.

Duck Meat.
If you have been following this blog, you would have probably known by now that I love Duck Meat. I have been meaning to try out the Roasted Duck from the famed Four Seasons Restaurant (and notorious in London for it's long queue and appalling service). One fine Saturday morning, I trudged to Cap Square and found the place almost deserted and empty.

With it's high ceilings and wide corridors, it gave me a kind of nostalgic feel. Must come here more often on weekends.

I had the whole restaurant for myself and proceeded to plonk myself outside as it was a cloudy day and the ceiling fans made the patio very breezy. Ordered 1/4 portion of special roasted duck, rice, kailan with scallops and a diet coke.

First to arrive was the duck. Roasted lovingly until the skin was reddish brown. A thin layer of fat enveloped the meat and the skin was slightly crunchy. Biting into it was a pleasure and the meat had a faint aroma of five spices and was succulent and sweet. Some foodies like ducks with fatty skin, but this was good enough for me. Fat squishing out from the skin while biting into the duck is a no no for me. A quarter of duck costs about RM 18.00.

Next was the scallops and Kai Lan. The scallops were medium sized and fresh. The veges crunchy and sweet. A tad expensive though, at RM30.

The rice was fragrant and good. Not stuck together in a glob of mess. They do not serve desserts here unfortunately.

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Chalawan said...

The duck looks too thin. I bet Yong Lee's at Sukhumvit is better.

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