Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chynna, Hilton Hotel, Sentral, Kuala Lumpur. Lustful Mooncakes.

Stop Press! If any of you celebrate mooncake festival, and haven't got any mooncakes yet fro your friends and family, do take a look at these beauties before you buy any.

This is the Chynna Prestige pack. 6 mooncakes, 3 traditional and 3 fusions. RM 76.00++

Look at the beautiful box. Metal clasps! OMG!

They can even open up into drawers! EEEEKK! ARGHHHHH! I want, I want!

What's in the Prestige Box? 6 mooncakes (smaller than the ones at the Supermarket).
Baked Lotus Paste Single Yolk, Traditional 5 nuts, Baked Green Tea with Pistachios, Blue Moon which is snow skin + lotus paste + Amaretto + Blueberry Cheese Feuillantine, Red Lantern which is snow skin Lotus Paste + Kirsch with cheese and raspberry and finally snow skin sunflower seed with Bailey's and Chocolate.

The mix, getting ready to jive in my tummy.

This year's special, Miss Red Lantern? Did any of you watch Raise the Red Lantern, Directed by Zhang Yimou and Starred Gong Li? Can't understand chinese for nuts, but read the subtitles. Beutiful Film, disturbing, and hides a political message.

Finally, the Golden Treasure, Edible Gold, with Kahlua and Tiramisu Paste. And get ready for the most expensive poo the next morning. Act like a big shot and tell them you shit gold. HA HA HA!

Shout out to Sean, from Eat Drink KL for alerting me to this place. Thankz!

And Note: The snow skin keeps only for 5 days in the fridge ok? If you can't finish it on time, just give me a tinkle.

KL Hilton

Tel: + 60 3 2264 2592


Chalawan said...

That gold coloured mooncake reminds me of Goldfinger. The mooncake thingy has caught on in Bangkok too. The box looks very well crafted.

Paranoid Android said...

Yes. The box is beautiful. The taste was also exquisite. Totally different from the normal lotus paste thingy. Mooncakes in BKK are a tad too sweet.

Anonymous said...

thanks u remind me of the mid-autumn mooncake festival

i shall rush to in-the-sea most favorite BKK hotel to order some

:) TC

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