Monday, July 27, 2009

Dragon I, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur. North Chinese Cuisine.

In The Sky/Sea, is a very interesting blogger that has travelled extensively around South East Asia plus China and Hong Kong. He currently blogs about food, hotels and resorts in these regions. You can access his blog here. Thailand Club's blog focuses mainly on the food in Thailand (Bangkok) and is almost encyclopaedic. His blog is here.

According to In The Sky, Crystal Jade at Siam paragon is the best of the lot in SEA. As for the peanut spicy noodles, the best in KL is at Dragon I, Mid Valley. He has even put up a post on Dragon I for me to see! So very kind of him.

I have scheduled to be off this morning, and made my way to Mid Valley, to search for this elusive restaurant. I never knew that there was a Dragon I in Mid Valley. It is located next to the Citytel Hotel ( I mistakenly posted as Boulevard, and kindly corrected by Thule ). Just turn in at the corridor before the Coffee Bean opposite Secret Recipe/MPH.

ITS calls it Tan Tan Mien. But in the menu, it is La Mien, Sichuan style.

ITS sure knows his noodles! It is definitely better than the one I had the other day at Crystal Jade. Slightly sourish and spicy, the peanuts here blended well into the piquant soup, giving it a slightly more creamy taste. The texture of the noodles were springy and it did not taste of flour. Stayed in KL for 2 years and had to be introduced to this place by somebody thousand of Kilometers away! How ironic.

The fried ribs had a batter that has "nam yue". A tad too oily, but it was soft and moist.

The Double Boiled Hasma and Red Dates was fresh with bits of American Ginseng inside. I thought I needed that because KL has been so hot and hazy. Also had the Watercress juice.

Before I went to dragon I, I stopped at MPH and bought The Amateur Photographer Magazine. It has an article on how to manipulate the tone curves for that over processed look (digital cross processing). Tried this on one of the Terracotta figurines. Looks different yah? Looks gruesome....


Anonymous said...

congratulations on sampling the best la mien in SEA

thanks for the introduction to my TH (mainly BKK) food blog, u made me shy to say it is an encyclopaedic, i just share some nice food, benefit friends to encounter those advertorial-lead reviews in tourist guide

:) TC

Anonymous said...

by the way, double boiled hasima is one of my favorite CN desserts

:) TC

thule a.k.a leo said...

hmmm... correction (no offense)... Dragon-I is located next to Cititel Hotel. Boulevard Hotel is on the other side of Mid Valley (near San Francisco Coffee)

Dragon-i is indeed famous for their la mien... the boss is my friend's owner who has no prior experience in F&B before venturing into this business. And he's quite young too!

Beside la mien... you should try their siu long bao, which is their specialty too! By far the best I'd tried in Malaysia. Their stir fried la mien with seafood is also commendable

Paranoid Android said...

Thanks, Thule, for the correction. And of course, no offense taken. I have corrected the post, with a link to your blog. Will sample the dishes that you have recommended next time.

@TC: Hey, no need to be shy.Your blog has so many postings on Thai food in BKK, and I want to share your wonderful blog with others! World peace through foodies!

in the sea said...

Thanks Android for the note. Yes, you should their Siu Lon Bao and if you like fish, their smoked fish is good too. I haven't tried their deep fried pork chop but it does look a bit too oily. The final step of deep frying is quite hard to control. Normally a powerful stove is the best tool in a professional kitchen. The final step of deep frying is to turn up an extra-high heat to squeeze out the oil inside the food and put that on a oil-absorbsive paper to make it less oily and more crispy. Wow, seeing that noodle makes me wanna try it again. I have been to Sichuan and got brought to try their local Tan Tan noodle. It's interesting (maybe my foreign taste) that the original Sze Chuan style is so so. The noodle texture is a bit too mashy. My most favourite noodle shop is in Beijing, called Noodle Loft (posted in March 09) on my blog, if you have time to check it. I do find some very nice noodle shops and provincial restaurants in Beijing and Quang Zhou, but not in Shanghai and Sze Chuan - interesting.

Your photos look good. :)

thule a.k.a leo said...

By the way, if you like Dragon-i, you should probably try Canton-i too... same company but different food. While the former serves Shanghai food, the latter specialised in Hong Kong food...
their outlet can be found in The Garden Mid Valley, 1Utama (prefer this coz it's bigger) and Sunway Pyramid.

Paranoid Android said...

Wow... You've got all the technical details too. I can't cook for nuts, except for Prawn Curry. He He

in the sea said...

Thanks Thule for the tips on Canton-I. Agreed that I should go try the one at Utama as after or before the meal, I can go check around the mall.

Chalawan said...

Lovely little noodle shop. Will jot it down as one of the places to dine in KL.

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