Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I want to be a Gadzillionaire!!! A virgin experience at C. Club

Have been having a shitty connection to the internet for 2 days. Maklum lah, stuck in a small town for work.

Was in Pavilion last Sunday, when the crowd has already subsided, and walked past this joint called C. Club. C for carat... Bling bling carat. Looks swanky from the outside, with chandeliers and all, but noticed that they have an outdoor terrace. Looks kinda cool, so proceeded into the place. My heart was pumping rapidly because the prices there would probably blow a big hole in my already depleted pocket, which has been emptied by my LX3.

Dressed very casually in my Sunday Bermudas and Crocs, I thought I'd probably get sneered by the Maitre D'. Ha ha... Well, anything goes. You only live once.

But what a surprise, I was warmly greeted and while I oogled at the Lalique crystals and Stark furniture at the 5th floor, it all was tres tres opulent at the sixth floor as well. I requested to be seated at the terrace as all the trappings of wealth and opulence inside was making me dizzy. It was quite warm outside. But the view was magnificent and the furniture outside was just cosy. no sparkling chandeliers and i eased up a lot. Ha Ha.

Perused their very interesting menu and was surprised to see that the prices were quite fair, considering their location at Pavilion. Most dishes were between 30 to 60, and alcoholic beverages reasonable too.

Interesting concept. They actually sell blings there amidst the fine dining concept. Magnificent view of Bukit Bintang. Ordered their Alakan Crab + Scallop salad + Yuzu Sauce. Was delicious.

As it was only 5pm, could not take a heavy meal, and furthermore, I have promised M to have dinner @ Johnny's later.

Sigh... Leaving for Kemaman later. I hate my job, odd hours, odd places. Will have to check out the place again at a later date. Must be lovely during sunset. Pity they do not have a high tea menu.

The place was so swanky, I felt like a billionaire... Service was excellent too. Last order by 10.20pm. The joint closes at 11.30pm on weekends.

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CUMI & CIKI said...

i wanna be a zonkillionaire! come back.. come back! ur pink parasol awaits! (ps- is dat a pic of ur kid .. or U when u were little?!)

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