Friday, June 5, 2009

Volcano without the Pyrotechnics, A&W Kemaman

Ran out of inspiration in Kemaman. Nothing to eat, and stuck with a damned toothache. Saw this lovely sunset, and just had to take a pix, and ventured into A&W. The girl suggested that I try the Volcano Burger. Was gonna order the coney dog, but changed my mind. You only live once, right?

A thin piece of Chicken meat, covered with some kind of bread crumbs or somethin'. Some Capsicum on top, and some onions. The patty was dry. Dry, dry , dry... And the tasteless. Worse than ayam mas nuggets off the freezer at supermarkets.

Volcano? It did make me erupt alright. Parted wit my hard earned 8.50 for this... No lava is gonna flow out of my mouth. Only 4 lettered expletives. Ha!


fatboybakes said...

haha, is your title part of ciki's slogan contest?!

paranoidandroid said...

Ha ha... Thought I'll just go with the flow... flow... Thanks for your comment! Pretty observant!

Vonks said...

Errmmm.... thought you'd learn by now that A&W=AW (AAAAAwwwwwwww.....) hehhe...ok bad joke.Take care

paranoidandroid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
paranoidandroid said...

AWfull... will try to remember that. Ha Ha. Remember how Mum sulked when Dad brought us for lunch at A&W years ago at KL (School Hols)? She only lightened up when we had Siew Pow at Yik Kee in Karak.

I was hugging my Vinyl of Tchaikovsky's 1812, afraid that the heat will warp them in the car. What a precocious and obnoxious kid I was... Listening to Tristan and Isolde at 14? What do educational psychologists say about Liebestodt themes and impressionable minds of 14 year olds? No wonder I turned out cuckoo... Ha Ha Ha..

Vonks said...

aaahhhhh.... the sua ku and the AW! At the risk of sounding cheesy..... ...ries.. (Cats broadway or Barbara Streisand up to you).....

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