Friday, June 26, 2009

Late night Dim Sum @ A little Dim Sum Place, SS2

Had to work very late one night, and after being sustained by a big humongous breakfast, and fruits throughout the day, i had hunger pangs at 11.00 pm. Suddenly thought of an unpretentious dim sum place I used to patronise in SS2. Epiphany!

At 11.15 pm, on a week day, it was still crowded. The Myanmar girl who used to serve me remembered me and told me that they had lots of durians pancake tonight. I usually order about 3 plates. It's that good.

All their Dim Sum are steamed after you order, so, be prepared to wait a little while.

Delicious Har Gao. Fresh springy prawns and non sticky skin that holds well after steaming. The waitress even remembered I love my Dim Sums with rice vinegar, although I have not been here for at least 6 months!

Scallop Dim Sum. Beautiful. Fresh juicy scallops again. Look at the perfect texture of the Dim Sum Skin. Still elastic, not the least bit sticky.

Fried Raddish with Bean Sprouts. Lovely, as usual, crunchy skin and powdery soft insides. Not too oily, full of Wok Hei, with bits of dried shrimp as a pleasant change.

And as for the Durian pancakes, sorry, no photo. Gasak every last bit, and then remembered i forgot to take 'em darned photos. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Their Sunshine Buns are ok too. Did not notice if they still had the nouveaux Dim Sum thingy or not. Wierd stuff like fried banana mangy, er... sorry, mango prawns and lily scallop roll which i did not care too much about and avoided after tasting it.

Prices reasonable. Har Gao about 4.90 per plate.


Chalawan said...

When did you start blogging? Did not know until Kip told me, and gave me your URL. Come for my birthday bash. We can double bash @ Sirocco.

Dim Sum looks promising. Take me there?

Chalawan said...

Hey... What's Gasak? Now so Thai already. The last time I was in KL, I noticed you peeps viciously dousing the Dim Sums with sweet sauce and ซอสพริก! I guess one man's meat is another man's poison.

Paranoid Android said...

Gasak = Devoured. Yes. So Thai = Dim Sum with rice vinegar. Always chastised by you blokes, and the dirty stares from the waiters at Monkeys Chinois when you as them for ซอสพริก!

Paranoid Android said...


Anonymous said...

Looks delicious

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