Monday, June 1, 2009

What am I reading now? Philosophical Tales, by Martin Cohen

"A philosophy book written by an another pop-philosopher. Great...", I said to myself with disdain as I read through the back cover of the book in Kinokuniya. I hate plastic wrapped books. HATE... But having seen the condition of the unwrapped books in Malaysian bookstores, I can only sympathize with the book shops and blame Malaysians for their lack of respect for other people's properties.

But wait a minute, this book attempts to tell the history of Philosophy and Philosophical ideas from the point of view that Philosophers are also Humans, and not Demi Gods with an inflated IQ (and usually and inflated ego too!)... This deserves to be read. Plus I got the Kinokuniya Daruma card that gives me a 28% DISCOUNT FOR ANY BOOK, once a month. Will fill in the details later...


Vonks said...

so free n so busy

paranoidandroid said...

Yar lo... never too busy for Plato, kant and Hegel

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