Sunday, June 21, 2009

La vita è così dolce

Life can be so sweet and beautiful. Yup..... Got my brolly from Cumi and Ciki and spent my afternoon in the company of some of the most interesting and sweet people you can ever find in KL.

Like minded food freaks and Momiji adorers, we had an interesting afternoon chatting about everything under the sun. Cumi and Ciki, as usual, are such a sweet couple. Full of zest and zeal for life, and exercise freaks, it is amazing how fit they are. Ciki's skin is practically glowing!

LL, is sweet and even tempered. The butt of sarcasm from both Nigel and FBB, she is always smiling and has such a zen-like peaceful countenance. Ha Ha... and she hates veges.

Hey! I am super macho.... I sat under the sun!

FBB just woke up from a hang over and still looks as if he was hung over... He was glum and sober but could still deliver his dead pan humour and sarcasm. Jon, the little Monkey was humourous, animated and witty. And Nigel of course did not fail to deliver.

Just like his heavenly cakes, bold, confident, flamboyant (all in a nice way), full of joy and life, he will always remain the life of the party. He filled the afternoon with wonderful anecdotes about life in KL in the 70's, on baking, quips and jokes about himself and other bloggers. Brilliantly funny with an acerbic wit to boot, he was the icing on the cake (pardon the pun) of the event.

"Where was I last night? How did I get home?", he ponders poignantly.....

We later adjourned to the Daily Grind for dessert because the heat was getting a little bit too intense and Niagara Falls was forming between my butt cracks!

We continued to chatter, and Nigel's 20 minutes only (because he had to shop for groceries to cook for Father's Day) dragged into another hour and half, easily. The conversation was animated and hilarious and time flew so quickly. We had the Lemon Cake, The Hummingbird cake which was both lovely. Another group over at the other table sent us their Red Velvet because we helped them sing the Birthday Song.

I've got a brilliant smile!

Ytze has beautiful ideas for Bento Boxes for the perfectionist Mums!

Thanks, guys for a wonderful afternoon. It was a real pleasure meeting up with you guys.


CUMI & CIKI said...

how did i miss this post ??!! i only read the monkey one!

Awww.. so nice to meet you too la.. glad u hd a gr8 time.. WHAT?!! i missed cakes!! WOE is ME! I am skinny and unhappy! hehe.. kidding la.. anywy there will be other times .. soon we hope!


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I am zen. Ohmmmmmmmm. Nice meeting u too!

fatboybakes said...

nice to meetya too. nigel is the icing on the cake? chis!!!! we are insulted.
but yalar, he is, i always say so myself. the livewire of any party, the beacon in the darkness, the chee yau char in the hokkien mee

paranoidandroid said...

C&C: Thanks for the event. Thanks to you, I had an excellent weekend.

LL: Yep.... OHMMMMM... Your countenance is absolutely Zen like, even when you snap back at FBB.

FBB: And you are also a cool character yourself. I forgot to include Boo's picture. I hope she won't whack me. Nigel should host a TV show aka Nigella Lawson. He can call it Nigel Awesome. Ka ka ka!

CUMI & CIKI said...

thats the sound of my head, hitting the floor as i laugh my head off.

how cute! "what's on tonight at 8pm?"
"nigel awesome."


im cracking up all over again:P

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