Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh.. La..La... La Mian @ Crystal Jade, Lot 10

Had to drop by Isetan during lunch break to get a gift for someone. Decided to have something different for lunch, instead of the usual Italian fare at Changkat Bukit Bintang, or Chap Fan at Sungai Wang rooftop.

Passed by this sign countless times over the past 2 years. Somehow or another, never made it inside. Most of my friends know that I am not very partial towards Chinese food. Something about growing up in the East Coast, I think that makes the palate conditioned and numbed by spicy, kick in the butt food. After reading about the spicy version of La Mian from Cumi and Ciki's blog, I decided to venture up and see if my taste buds would be tantalized by Crystal Jade or not.

View from the top

Ordered a Spicy La Mian with Peanuts, (which made me reminisce about the peanut butter milk shake LL had at The Daily Grind...) Shou Xing Chicken, which is a cold dish, and some dumplings with pork and chives. I then crossed my fingers and closed my eyes.

Peanut Butter kimchi flavoured noodles! Ha Ha!

Within a short while, the noodles arrived (I was the only diner that time) and brought with it a fragrant aroma. The noodles were not accompanied by any toppings. The soup was sourish and spicy and had peanuts in it. Noodles slightly springy in consistency. No complaints there. To me(e), it tasted like instant Korean Kimchi noodles plus a dash of chopped peanuts/peanut butter. Not particularly palatable, but not inedible too. It's probably an acquired taste.

Shou Xing hic! hic! Chicken

The Shou Xing Wine chicken was cold, (the waitress did warn me that it was a cold dish) and the skin crunchy and the wine sauce fragrant. The chicken meat was springy too. Doooing...doooing... it went as I nimbly picked it up with my chopsticks. Nothing to complain about too.

Insipid Dumplings....

Dumplings slightly disappointing. Rather tasteless, although I tried dousing it with rice vinegar and sliced ginger. The filling was inadequate.

View of Bonton

I so wanted to like the food here and to give it a good review. Don't get me wrong. The food here was probably good. But somehow or another, it did not give me any kick. I need to familiarise myself with the bland taste of Northern Chinese cooking. No Chinese food connoisseur, but will be back to challenge my taste buds again.

Although full, but not satisfied, I proceeded to Changkat Bukit Bintang again and hunted down my skewered tapas from Bermuda and Onion. I burped and I gave a sigh of satisfaction after the meal, walked to Bar Italia for a macchiato and a shot of limoncello. While walking back to Raja Chulan with slightly wobbly legs, i thought to myself, now, that's a big bang for my bucks...


FBB said...

so cute, you wanted the food to be good so you could give a good review!!! awwww, how magnanimous!
however, i am surprised at your experience la, the two times i went to CJ at gardens was good. maybe it was the company.

CUMI & CIKI said...

insipid dumplings! hehe.. stop making me LOL.. farnee la u..

(FBB! of kors the COMPANY counts.. ahem:P hehe)

paranoidandroid said...

He he...

FBB: My taste buds destroyed and traumatized during childhood. Abused by belachan and keropoks. Bland food usually does not tantalise me much. Yours are probably more urbane and polished and refined. Ha ha ha... Hey Man, can I do one of your Banana Walnut? It survived a 300km journey to KT and lived to tell it's tale.

C&C: He He... How's your bum? Heard you plonked down the chair? Don't tell Nigel Awesome that I've been naughty, calling him names him in cyberspace ok? :D

fatboybakes said...

urbane and polished? HAHAHAHAH, that's a new one. me plebian la.
do one what for banana walnut? blogpost? OF COURSE!!!

Maleewan said...

I know what you want. Ba Mee แห้ง

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