Monday, June 1, 2009

Wanna Chew My Fatty Rump?

I have always been a fussy eater. Fussy, with a capital F. Beef is definately not on my top ten to eat list, until last Saturday. Bored with work, suffering from a headache, I proceeded to call M, my partner in crime. He was working at 1 Utama that day, and we decided to meet up at Senjyu, Cineleisure Damansara.

After beating the crawl at LDP, I relaxed and chilled the moment I stepped itno Senjyu. An oasis of calm, with interior motifs of Black and Gold, it was quite tastefully decorated for a Sushi joint. As we flipped through the menu, I came across Sushi, with Seared Wagyu Beef strips, avocado and Foie Gras...


Never tasted Wagyu Beef before, and forced fed goose liver... The mini Greenpeace, PETA in my subconscious screamed and raised all the red flags. What the heck... I had a miserable two weeks. With gusto, I ordered that, plus the Baby Octopus Sushi ( nothing to shout about, run of the mill), Sesame and Pranws ( kinda sweet, nice....) and couple of other sushis, which were ok, but nothing to shout about.

OK. A virgin's experience eating wagyu beef. All I know that the meat is marbled, and is rated according to the amount of fat in the meat. Expensive and is currently reared in Japan, Ozzie and the US. That's all the technical details about Wagyu Beef.

When it arrived, i peered at it and asked M, " Is it cooked?". M, another picky, non beef eater rolled his eyes and said, " Since you ordered it, just stuff it in your mouth and tell me...."

The beef was marbled alright. Streaks of fat formed a lace like pattern over the translucent piece of beef, with some seared portion ( obligatory, since that was what's promised in the menu ). The beef covered a lump of vinegared rice and on top of the beef, a dollop of creamy coloured substance, probably avocado and the Foie Gras.

I gulped down my saliva, and with trembling hands, grabbed hold of a pair of wretched chopsticks and proceeded to pop one into my mouth... Mamma Mia... There was no blood tainted smell, nothing to remind me of the agony of the calf was being slaughtered, schreeching Murderer!

Just a melt in the mouth sensation, slightly milky in taste, accentauted by the creamy, fragrant foie gras... Wait a minute! Was it Beef that I just popped into my mouth? Apparently it was. Blanched, and then seared and wrapped around some sushi rice. And Foie Gras did not taste like liver at all. Brilliant! It just tasted creamy and rich. Crazy! I's now a gourmet. I can boast I have tasted Wagyu Beef and Foie Gras, and, thanks to Senjyu, I only had to pay a graduating fee of RM 18.90...

Ha ha ha....

Tasted the Uemeshu Konyaku Jelly wrapped around a grape. Good, and aromatic. But that did not give me instant access to Heaven as the creamy, rich, sweet gwai-lo desserts did. But if I ta-paued it to work, it would be a nice excuse to be tipsy and blame the jelly.

So, in my dreams, if a Wagyu (Kobe) Cow whispers lovingly to my ear " Wanna nibble my fatty Rump?", I would, I could and I would pay to do it! Cheers!


Vonks said...

hehee... ass nibbler??

paranoidandroid said...

Yep... A Happy, Satisfied Gourmet Nibbler. Ha ha...

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