Friday, June 12, 2009

Last Meal At Death Row, Signature Breakfast at Latest Recipe, Le Meridien

My wisdom tooth has been giving me a lot of problems lately, so I had to have it extracted. Cut open, oral surgery... Eughh. I hate dentists. I have a condition known as Diffuse Cerebral Arteritis. That means that my blood vessels in the brain are inflammed. Reason? Unknown. Normal Cholesterol, BP. But for some reason or another it just decided to get inflammed and the only thing abnormal about my blood test is a markedly elevated Rheumatoid factor of more than 1000. I am under the care of Dr. Lee, neurologist, Sunway. The most pleasant Dr on the face of this earth. Kind, caring and gentle although I am a difficult patient. Ha ha... Called her up she told me I have to be off my medication for five days before they can cut me up.

Dentists on the other hand, have never given me a good impression. Probably the mask they wear and never take off, even as they greet you. The mask may be hiding some fangs for all I know. With their beady eyes peering into your mouth and mumbling behind the mask, I never liked them. I feel all of them have been trained in Auschwitz, with the sole purpose of inflicting pain on you, and numbing your mouth so much that you cannot differentiate the taste of dog poo from foie gras. Yucks...

Read about the Jean-Georges Signature Breakfast at Le Meridien. Mouth watering description by Lyrical Lemongrass made me stop by there before visiting my Dental Surgeon. I called them up to make a reservation at about 7 am, the time i reached Gombak toll plaza. When I arrived, the restaurant was already crowded with the buffet diners. Strangely, the waitress handed me the normal breakfast menu. Wait! I did not come here for this! Not Continental breakfast or Nasi Lemak!!! It was after enquiring that they handed me their signature breakfast menu.

I already knew what to order. Croque Madame and Spiced Oatmeal Souffle. Mango-Chilli-Lime Shot and White Peach-Cranberry Shot. Last meal before the dreaded dental surgery. After this I will probably be in agony and slurping porridge for the next couple of days. I felt like a prisoner asking for his last meal at death row. Ha Ha... Morbid. That's me.

I was told that the food may take up to 20 mintues to be served. The waitress gave me a platter of fruits and Apricot Jelly with Strawberry sauce, complimentary, as starters while waiting for my order. Already getting good vibes here. The jelly was delicious. Soft in consistency, fragrant and not too sweet and that makes the sweeter strawberry sauce a perfect match. Probably something from the buffet spread. But I don't mind.

The Croque came first. What can I say? Divine. The eggs were still slightly runny (would have prefered it too be more runny), and the taste of Cheese, Beef Bacon, Toast and Cilli Hollandaise sauce was absloutely delicious. There is a slight tangy taste in the sauce and it has some chilli in it. Not spicy hot, but warm. Brilliant!

The Oatmeal was also wonderful. Fragrant, in a light souffle (? butter + milk?), it tasted of cinnamon. Light and fragrant. The kind of stuff little girls are made of... Sugar and spice, and everything nice, and a bonus of healthy oatmeal too. The sauce was not wild berries, but strawberries. 

The shots were a pleasant surprise. The Mango-Lime-Chilly combination jolted me from my sleepiness. Tangy and infused with chilli. What a wierd combination. But it works! The shots were complimentary. Ordered a full glass of it as well for RM 12. And the White Peach and Cranberry shot was also fragrant.

I'm glad to be back in KL. With my wiggy getting download speed of 4 Mbps and upload of 0.5 Mbps, I'm in in internet heaven again.

Will drive back to Terengganu again tonight. I don't mind the pain, but it is the taste of blood in my mouth and the numb out feeling from the anaesthetic that I hate, hate, hate. Plus not being able to eat properly. My Boss recommended his Dental Surgeon. Somebody with lots of degrees starting with F's at the back of his name. All five letter F's, no four lettered ones. I counted.

Saw him before I left last week. Pleasant enough, but still have not seen his lips yet. He took some x-rays of my teeth and started to describe the procedure. Scared me to bits when he explained to me about what could go wrong during the procedure. Like pieces of teeth stuck in the sinus, neccesitating the help of a maxillo facial surgeon to remove the stuck bits.

My dentist. He's a barrel of laughs and fun. He asked me if I had any questions, so I asked him if I'll go dumb like moronic dumb since my Wisdom tooth will be gone? No response. I told you he was a barrel of laughs.

Can hear light and easy (the radio) playing in the background during the first consult. Karma Chameleon followed by Carribean Queen. Felt like puking already then. If I hear those songs again today, I'm gonna puke in his face. Puke + Blood. Gross. Why can't they allow patients to choose their own music? We are so stressed up already.

Urghhhh!!! Time to go. Wish me luck.


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

You ate this before a visit to the dentist?? LOL. Oh next time, I'm having that sugar n spice and everything nice oatmeal...looks good.

Fellow brolly winner

paranoidandroid said...

Dear Fello Brolly Winner,

Yes... I'm glad I did, because after that I could not eat anything decent for 3 days. Mouth tastes funny and spitting out blood for 1 day. Plus the pain for 3 days. Thanks for your post on the breakfast. Would have known about it if not for you, and you made the Dental visit more bearable.

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