Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In serch of The Holy Grail, I Went to Gardens, and climbed up The Yogi Tree

The Holy Grail of Gastronomic art, attainment of Nirvana for indulgent insatiable gluttons . Good tasting Healthy Food. That sounds like an oxymoron already. Preferably Low Cal. The ability to fend of dreaded diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes and Cancers will be a definite advantage. Ha! An adventure in search of the Holy Grail worthy of Indiana Jones.

And hence, the naughty android googled and found out about the Yogi Tree.

Entrance of the Yogi Tree. The tree would probably fall off if I climbed it! Ha ha!!

Fortunately in a fast paced, superficial city like KL, it does not take a lot of effort to climb The Yogi Tree. Just fend off crazy motorcyclists with a death wish on the road, crazy, selfish bus drivers that stop anywhere and everywhere, pay preposterous parking charges, flash your plastic around and an air conditioned Yogi Tree awaits you on the 1st floor of the Gardens Mid Valley after an effortless elevator ride.

The menu... Impressive

The menu was made from recycled paper. It is assuring to read that all the ingredients used are fresh, organic if possible, free from colouring and preservatives. Cooking method is slow, the breakfasts are grilled, not fried. Have a feeling that trans fat and MSG are probably dirty words in this establishment.

The eggs set. Egg whites folded all over, denying it perfect 10's

Ordered their egg set. Poached eggs with brown bread toast and home made baked beans. Eggs were almost perfect, save for the folded, crumpled up whites. Yolks had hard edges with runny centres which were deep orange in colour (Kampung eggs). Toast smelled delectable and was crunchy. Home made beans were slightly hard, and was not salty at all. Took a bit of time to get used to the taste, but it was ok.

Mushroom Pie... Heavenly, or rather, ermmm.... Nivarnaly

The mushroom pie with truffle oil was good. Unctuous and creamy filling, bursting with mushrooms (assorted) together with the earthy taste of truffle oil. Ambrosia to my deprived tummy. Can do this everyday. Very well done. The side salad with balsamic vinegar was a tad too sweet.

Molten Lava Chocolate Pudding. Yummmy! Note the oozy chocolate fiiling in the centre.

Molten Lava chocolate pudding. What an indulgence. It was not very sweet. To make up for the reduced sugar, they have upped the chocolatey taste. Smells good, with the oozy chocolate lava centre, served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, I was in Nirvana. Every morsel was a delight. Comfort food for the troubled soul.

So? Have I found the Holy Grail? The place where all can partake in food orgies with wanton hedonistic delight without fear of getting a thick midriff and inviting the dreaded diseases associated with gluttony? Unfortunately not.

Calorie wise, I think there probably may not be much difference from the breakfast elsewhere. But their fresh and whenever possible, organic ingredients plus a definitely less oily and sugary sweet dishes certainly makes it a healthier option compared with dining in conventional outlets. I certainly felt less sinful indulging myself here and it dispelled the notion than healthier alternatives means chewing food that tastes like cardboard and downing veges that taste like fresh cut grass.

Lovely food, spartan but cosy ambiance, unfortunately only so-so service makes it one of the to-breakfast-in place for me. The temperature was a bit hot in the morning too. Was sweating by the end of breakfast. Prices reasonable. Eggs set was about 12, Pie was about 15, Molten lava about 15. Sorry, I can't remember the prices very well.

The spartan interior of the Yogi Tree
Imagine the superfit mums and their kids here...
"Close your ears kids! Uncle Paranoid is gonna utter the T (Trans-fat) word!!! Argh!!!"...
"Hey! Trans fat is less obscene than a Fat Tranny, OK?!!", quips Uncle Paranoid

P.S. Tjun... Bring Aunty Meng here! She'll probably eat here!
P.S.S. Aunty Meng, see? I can do healthy too... Love ya!


Maleewan said...

Fat trannie ler... Don't let Pee Touch (Divine) hear you say dat! 55555

Paranoid Android said...

Yeah... How's Vertigo nowadays? Miss the cuckoo bunch @ Krungthep.

Maleewan said...

All of us are fine. Pee Id (Saffron)and crew sends their love, as do Nong Noo (Hollywood). Vertigo เหมือนเดิม... always feel on top of the world!

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