Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Flamenco Tales... or something like that

Not working today... Decided to give my sore bums a rest today, and rejuvenate my tired soul. Too lazy to go to Imbi market for fresh produce as am going to Kemaman tonight. Have another off day on Saturday.

Wanted a gwailo style breakfast, and had to replace my crocs as well. The sole is totally worn out... (discovered it while visiting the office loo... suddenly my right foot was wet. Yikes!)

Decided to slum it out at La Bodega, a totally non pork joint @ The Pavilion because Neroteca is not open for breakfast on Tuesdays. Happily trudged on from the cark park to La Bodega, which is located at street level. The interor was quite cosy, and they had Barrels doubling up as tables and a very extensive bar. Hmmm... Looks like it's more of a drinking hole.

Plonked into an empty table, and a very affable waitress promptly handed me the Menu. Breakfast section only two pages... Oh! oh!... Not a very good sign. Choice limited and not very Spanish. No Churros or Torijjas.

Ordered a Flat, White Latte (which was from Illy) and Eggs Benedict with Smoked Chicken Ham. The order came rather promptly, and the eggs were served on top of a piece of Rye bread, topped with Smoked Chicken Ham. Eggs quite good, the yolk was still runny. Ham so so la, halal product la. Not quite as satisfying as the ones at Neroteca.

Nope, the breakfast did not make me breakout and did a flamenco, and they played top 40 music there, not much too put me into a in Spain kinda mood. Total damage was 30+.

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