Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sage. Gardens Mid-Valley, KL. Lunch Menu 24th to 28th Aug 2009.

(no pork served)

I'm really horribly predictable. Creature of habit, my friends can actually guess the colour of my undergarments based on the day of the week. I did not want to put up this post for fearing of boring all of you to bits with my lunch escapades at Sage. But this week's lunch menu was so good, I could not resist sharing this with you guys.

Sage's 3 course lunch menu are rotated on a weekly basis. There was also a huge crowd there today. Noisy diners. Can't they speak with muted tones? Not everybody in the restaurant would like to know where they spent their holiday playing golf, and neither am I interested to hear them pronounce Moulin Rouge wrongly. *cringe* OK, OK. Now that we know you are rich, can you show some class please, and lower down the conversation by 50dbs?

There goes my quiet reflective, peace and quiet lunch. Tuesdays are bad for me. I have to work for more than 16 hours, and I need my fix at Sage badly.

I started of with their excellent Tagliolini Pasta with Fresh Water Prawn and Mozarella. Lovely freshly grilled fresh water prawns sprinkled with pepper and full of roe, with some cheese added to enhance the creaminess of the sauce. Very intense prawn flavour in the sauce which went very well with the pasta. Imagine Sang Har Meen, but double the intensity.

The main course was equally amazing. Pan Fried Hokkaido Scallops with Foie Gras and Sauce Marinière. Marinière Sauce is made from seafood base, usually fish and/or mussels and reduced with white wine and shallots and spices and the version today is thickened with a bit of butter. The scallops were pan fried, but the centre was still slightly raw. The creamy foie gras with the creamy marinière sauce enhanced the natural sweetness of the scallops making every mouthful a joy.

Dessert was Feuilleté of Caramelized Apple with Vanilla Ice Cream. Caramelized apple with puff pastries served with a dollop of ice cream. The pastry was light and fluffy and slightly charred bringing out the smokiness of the caramel. Lovely.

Other choices:-

1. Seared Wagyu Beef with Sauteéd Mushrooms and Wild Rocket for Starter, and

2. Roasted Rack of Lamb with Ratatouille and Thyme Jus for Main Course.


Thailand Club said...

the set menu was interesting, look good too

how much did u pay for the lunch?

Paranoid Android said...

Hello! You are back from your holidays. Missed your little updates.
Lunch + Complimentary Welcome Drink + Water (Still or Sparkling) + Coffee (any type, Espresso to Long Blacks) = RM100++

HairyBerry said...

your lunch escapades at Sage are far from boring. definitely good previews of what to expect when i pay a visit. i just hope it's soon. sigh.

interesting to note that the pasta was the starter while the foie gras was the main. i thought it would have been the other way round. then again, if it's good as this, foie gras as dessert is fine by me as well..haha!

Paranoid Android said...

IN that case, you are going to love this week's menu... The offer still open. Exchange a cake for lunch. :p

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