Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bye bye, Bea Arthur

Did not realise Bea Arthur (Dorothy from the Golden Girls) has passed on aged 86 @ 25th April 2009. Loved her as Dorothy Zbornak. In fact, I have just bought the complete Golden Girls DVD set last month and she and her friends have been lulling me so sleep every night.

Rest in peace, Bea. Thank you for all the hours of fun, wit and humour.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bermuda and Onions

One of my favs, never had time to write about this place, as neglected it for a while. My boss is not back yet, and I have to do the whole freakin day, from 8.30am till late. Made myself some Rocket Salad with French Dressing for lunch today. And had Rice with Tom Sep, courtesy of my friend, Om, the Thai Chef which he delivered last night. Healthy, low oil et stuff. Decided to pig out tonight. Something light, Tapas style skewers at Bermuda and Onion, located at the heart of BB at Changkat Bukit Bintang, next to another porky joint, El Cierdo.

The drink I ordered wa the rejuvenator... Made from a mixture of Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice and Lemon Juice and Ginger Ale...Tasted ok, tangy and not too sweet...

The picture on top was the prawns with parma ham... nice and fragrant. Prawn still juicy with a nice elastic springy bite. But a tad salty... Ham la... seure salty la. Bet you did not know that parma ham blends perfectly with grilled prawns.

Next was the bacon and asparagus... One of Mac's favourites. Bacon not too dry, wraped round grilled asparagus. Heavenly. Also Salty....

Chocolate Fondant... for dessert. Warm Chocolate cake with warm, oozing chocolate sauce in the middle. The menu mentioned souffle, but it was just sauce. Which just tasted equally heavenly. Plus a scoop of coconut sorbet that has walnuts in the centre. What else can I say. If Chocolate be the food of love, eat on.... (apologies to Shakespeare)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Life's a Bitch

haze, my Boss is away, and left me in charge... i.e. stuck at ze office from 8.30 am to 10 pm daily. Haze in Klang, dry irritating cough, itchy eyes, hoarse voice, the air smelling like some burnt mound of rubbish, Fussy Customers, lack of sleep, a bitch of a tooth-ache. What else can you ask for to mess up two freakin' weeks of your life?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Welcome Haze!

Yep. That time of the year is here again. Was driving along Kesas highway from KL to Klang and once I reached Kota Kemuning, it started to get hazy and smoky. Really dense at Bandar Puteri Klang. And this photo was taken along Jalng Banting, near Aeon Klang. A perineal problem, yet unsolvable. A lot of excuses, but never a solution. Guess Drs will be making a big killing soon. The H1N1 fear, coupled with the haze, clinics are bound to be congested. No economic gloom in the medical clinics.

(P.S. It's not mist. It smells like burning wood, and stings my eyes)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lust and Sin... Just heavenly Pleasures @ The Epicure, Plaza Damansara

Pissed, pissed, pissed. Everything is bugging the Hell out of me today. The weather is hot, totally stessed from work. Got myself some cakes to cheer me up. Just Heavenly Pleasures and their legendary Chocolate Durian Cake, Mango Upsidedown and Espresso Brownies. 

Thick, gooey sweet chocolate encasing a filling of fresh durians and cream plus a thin layer of ?sponge cake? Every mouthful sinfully sweet, rich and fragrant. Every mouthful demanding a penance of 45 minutes on the dreaded treadmill. Finish up the whole piece and you'll feel like a Catholic Schoolboy caught by the Nuns with a copy of Playboy. All the guilt, but twice the pleasure! @ RM 8.90 a pop, worth every singgle penny.

The mango upside down was sweet, sweet, sweet... tasted the butter, but not the mangoes. 

Chocolate Brownies, fragrant chocolate. Rich, but nothing to shout about.

Dumb and Dumber Part 2

Anybody who has been to Klang for the past year would be familiar with the notorious jam right in the centre of town due to the construction of a new flyover near the old bus station. Since then, I have been taking the Kesas Highway to get to Klang for work. I have to pay toll charges amounting to RM 13.20 everyday as compared to RM 4.20 if I use the Federal Highway (aka Federal CarPark).

But for the past 3 months, there has been some contsruction work at the Kesas Exit to Klang (Exit 3405). The jam is so bad that it spills into the highway. Enclosed is a picture and the exit is marked with an arrow. Mind you, this was taken at the non peak time of 2.45 pm. Why block both entry passages into Klang?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New objects of lust

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Both has good and bad points. Both about the same price. Two objects of lust. One very limited budget. Hopoefully, with these cameras, no more blurry camera phone pics. Ta da....

Dumb and Dumber Part 1

Was driving along the Federal Highway yesterday on the way to P1 Paddock at Jalan Templer. Came upon the highly touted and expensive ITIS system sighboard along the highway. That system is purportedly a cool couple of hundred million smakeroos. In case you can't read what it says from the picture taken with my cheapo camera phone, it says " Berlaku Kesesakan dari PJ Hilton ke Subang Jaya". 

Hello... I am already there, stuck in the jam. Why didn't it warn me before the exit to NPE? Along Sungai Besi? Jeez... What a dumb system.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

The weather has been so hot recently, passed the sign board that tells you the tempearature yesterday along Sg Besi-Syed Putra. It showed a freaking 36 degrees. Ouch! My aircondition that has been lying uninstalled will have to be installed. My Poos electricity bill!

Been happy with my little joybook. Woth every single penny of the RM 1400 I paid for. Battery life is great 4 hours!, plays youtube videos without jerking. And it is so freaking light! Great dinner companion especially when I don't feel like talking. Ha ha...

The keyboard is a bit small, but adequate for my clumsy, oafy fingers. Startup and turn off time is ok too, for the time being. But i don't know how long this will last. You know how buggy XP is. And the little donggle there you see at the bottom of the picture is the Wiggy.

Had mine changed because the previous one had some fault with the RSSI. That made me unable to logon to the P1 network. Now, it works like a breeze. The customer service from P1 was good.

Am having breakfast at the Mamak Shop downstairs, waiting for the aircon installer. Just Chapati. Lowest calories of the lot.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What I Had For Breakfast Today @ Neroteca


Woke up early, had breakfast at Neroteca. Yummy...

Cool Italian Eatery ambiance, Italian Songs and BossaNova (Brazilian Portuguese) Songs. Pots and Pans hanging on the wall. Arty paintings, small and cosy.

Had their most yummy breakfast set - Revivatata or something. Bacon and Eggs, Savory lentils with greens and Cheese Toast, Long Black + Carrot juice. Eggs scrambled, but still runny + not very fatty, fragrant bacon. Lentils... marvelous flavour and texture.

Since it ws nearly noon already, ordered something from their dessert menu as well. Had the Creme Brulee. Ecstatic. The top was singed and caramelly aromatic. Consistency, sticky. Fragrant creaminess.

Made my morning. A triffle warm inside, I was sweating.


Food: 4.5/5

Parking: 4.5/5

Decor/Ambiance: 3.5/5 (minus marks for lousy air con)

Service: 4/5 (A tad slow, but pleasant enough)

Price: 55 or thereabouts for the breakfast set and dessert

Ran into my cousin Tjun2 and my 1st Aunt (Paternal) at Low Yat Plaza, of all the places. Got myself the BenQ Joybook lite, cheapo at RM 1270 and the HP Laser printer P1006. And a d-link wifi router. Setting it up was a breeze, took about 7 minutes.

My Wiggy's Up And Running

Yep... It's Working. Got a download speed of 2.5Mbps this glorious morning!

Friday, May 8, 2009

What prompted two decent, law abiding, god fearing men to wear black?

My boss and his wife are two of the most decent people I know, or maybe will get to know in my life time. God fearing born again Christians, family orientated, always pro-establishment, follows the letter of law to the dot.

God knows how many charitable acts they have done silently, helping out every soul who has ever had the privilege to have known them. How many dying souls they have comforted, the hungry they have fed. Their house is like a Charity home. A complete contrast from my hedonistic life, in pusuit of material happiness!

What made them wear black yesterday? The two timid souls, who could never say Boo! When I asked them, they just smiled and said, "What is wrong, is wrong". Simple. Yet profound.

I write as an average Joe, not endowed with literary skills, no sharp political acumen, not bothered the least with politics previously, not widely read in Politics or Law. But gut instincts and a logic, plus what I remembered from Kertas Am days, tell me that my Boss and his wife is probably right.

No amount of spinning is going to rectify what has been imprinted on the mind. The image of the (Ex)Speaker, Mr. Sivakumar being dragged out forcibly screaming and shouting, this is worse that that of the Taiwan Assembly, which has been the butt of our jokes.

Wimax Wiggy

Got Myself the Wimax Wiggy USB donggle. Paid RM 100, registration RM60 (billed later), RM149/month. Just installed the software (no CD ROM required), just straight from the donggle. Got it from Low Yat Plaza.

The hardware installation was fairly simple, but I have yet to try it's touted 10Mbps speed. It takes 1 hour or so for the modem to get activated.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello! My first trsyt into the world of blogging!

What an auspicious start to my blogging career. 7th of May, 2009. My first foray into this unknown realm, where I am able to share my thoughts with the whole world, bad English and all. Scary isn't it?

Why blog? I thought that I'll be able to keep a diary of sorts while letting my friends and family know what I have been doing. Lately a lot of things have been cheesing me off. At the same time, I found a lot of joy in small things that we take for granted in our day to day life. Like how my LED flash light just brightens up the toilet at the Gambang R&R when the power was out at 5 am last week when I preformed my weekly pilgrimage to Kemaman to work. Or the taste of bay leaves in my Chicken Broth, recipe courtesy of Nigel and Allan from Kampung Kayell. They are marvelous bakers and have been contributing unknowingly to my girth. Love their caramel cupcakes and durian chocoloate cakes.

7th May 2009. A lot of things are unfolding in Perak, even as I speak. More of that later, as I collect my thoughts. Don't want to start my blog with an anger filled post.

OK. Here goes... Welcome me, and wish me luck!

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