Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sage. Gardens MidValley, Kuala Lumpur. Diva of Fine Dining.

Children. I don't mind them as long as they are quiet, attentive and toilet trained. Ok, that sounds more like my Sister's Beagle than a kid. Ever sat in a restaurant with a wild screaming kid, throwing a tantrum, while his parents are calmly slurping their food in total oblivion? Makes you feel like emptying a bowl of soup on his parent's head doesn't it?

I have an old English teacher that tutored a lot of kids after her retirement. Her maxim is, kids are never wrong. The parents are the ones who are supposed to be punished.

What about ringing phones and loud taukehs shouting into their mobile phones at 100dB while you are trying to digest your ravioli. If you are unlucky, he might be cursing the other party and paying homage to the very specific part of the caller's mother's anatomy. Does it make you feel like shoving their mobile phones down their loud mouths?

Was at the Sage for lunch recently, and little sign in front caught my attention, and I gave a huge sigh of relief. Mobile phones in silent modes please, and all children under 10 to be strictly supervised. Yes! I'm in foodie heaven!

What struck me as I entered the restaurant is the space. Tall windows, big tables, space between tables. Billie Holiday playing in the air. Muted downlights. Beautiful, Majestic, maybe even  Operatic. The centre of the dining area is occupied by a cooking area/open kitchen.

Open kitchen is the stage where Madame Butterfly Tuna is sashimied when she discovers Captain Pinkerton Pink Salmon has married Blue Finned Tuna. And the whole opera is ochestrated by  Chef  Kimura himself. The kitchen was lined by 12 chairs, the exact number of guests for the degustation menu, available at RM 265, dinners only.

Lots of Glass and Mirrors were used to give this restaurant an illusion of space. For lunch, the Gourmet Menu is not available. Instead, there is a set menu at RM 100. Two choices each of entree, mains and dessert. Plus free Virgin Mojito and Coffee.

The rolls came with a greenish Cheeseless Pesto like mix of Olive Oil, lots of Basil and Garlic. It was refreshingly different.

Risotto of Canadian Oyster with Brittany Seaweed Butter. Perfectly cooked Risotto, with whole, slightly blanched Oysters. The Risotto had a briney, oceanic smell , most likely due to the beurre aux algues, reputedly more expensive that Foie Gras by weight. An artful combination that tickled my palate and drove it into a frenzy.

The mains was Grilled Black Angus Beef with Gratinated Potatoes in Natural Juice. Lovingly grilled and seared at the top. It tasted natural, with just the right amount of saltiness. It was simple, yet perfectly executed and did not require any of the rich creamy sauces to bring out the natural flavour of the beef.

Potatoes done just right. Not too mushy, infused with thyme and touch of cheese. Brilliant!

The Cherries Galette was filled with sweet, succulent cheries that were baked in a buttery dough and topped with a large crispy flake. Good dessert.

Service, impeccable and faultless. Brilliant dining experience, and can't wait to do dinner there.

Sage Restaurant
The Gardens Residences
6th Floor, The Gardens
Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03- 2268 1188

Just take the elevator at the Isetan wing to the 6th floor. Turn right as you get out and the Sage will be right in front of you. Happy Dining!


Thailand Club said...

nice restaurants nice food and looking forward the dinner post :)

i do agree with ur teacher's point in 'kids r never wrong, shall be their parents '

Paranoid Android said...

He he... Yes. Very nice and indulgent place. Now I have to save up for dinner.

thule a.k.a leo said...

take the lift to the 6th floor... door opened and you will be greeted with a smile :)
"You are on chopping board!!! muahahahaha (*evil laugh)" the waiter/waitress thought...
this is already in my must-visit list but the price really put a hold to my plan for now...

Paranoid Android said...

LOL @ Thule. Do the lunch. For RM100 I think it's not that bad la. Free drinks and coffee also. I paid RM 75 for Italian on Sixth, plus drinks and coffee also about RM 97 already. But I prefer the food at Sage.

in the sea said...

Absolutely agreed with you Android on the kid issue. They are not wrong but their parents should guide them and make them behave.

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