Friday, August 21, 2009

Bangsar Seafood Garden. Bangsar One, KL. Selamat Berpuasa To Muslim Friends and An Epic Gathering.

(no pork served)

"Tweet-tweet! Tweet-tweet!", my phone rang. "Eh! Whatcha doing? Sleeping ah?", a gruff voice on my cellphone barked. "Ermmm, no? Who dat?", I answered, still trying to figure out who was on the other end. "Me, la. Your baker. Want to go eat @ Bangsar Seafood or not? My treat. If you don't go ah, I will throw the fruits I am marinating for your fruitcake into the jamban!", he threatened. I grudgingly agreed, but with suspicion. How could this man, not exactly famous for generosity buy me dinner at a swanky joint?

And I turned up, 15 minutes before the appointment time and found LL and Frat Mustard already waiting. It seems I have been had. Not only the seafood was complimentary (from Jade Wong), he also had not started preparing my fruitcake. I promptly deleted my facebook account and took my name off FBB's fan club. You could have 500 fans, FBB..... Now you gotta live with 499...... (evil laugh).......

Unfortunately for me, the punishment for being evil was to be relegated to the status of wallflower for the rest of the evening. Faced with 19 other glittering personalities, the big wigs, if you may, of Malaysian food blogging (flogging) community, I was in completely in awe. I had Unka Leong, Nigel from Just Heavenly, FBB, Lyrical Lemongrass, craving, Bangsar Babe and lots of other power bloggers as dining companions. Also present was Jun, the Cordon Bleu chef, who was charming, delightful and very well mannered.

Being face to face with all these intelligent, flamboyant and verbose personalities drove me deep down into my shell. Accustomed to topics like Austrian and Chicago schools of Laissez Faire Economics, Kantian vs Nietzschean Ethics and whether Nilssen or Flagstad was a better Brünnhilde during dinner with pompous Wagnerians, I was at total loss when the conversation revolved around popular culture and anthropological oddities like foreskins and their weight.

Clockwise from top left : Butter Crabs, Fried Red Snapper With Bean Sauce, Stewed Cabbage with Dried Scallop, Boneless Chicken with Fruit Sauce.

We were treated to a generous spread of Old Skool comfort food, with a modern twist. The Butter Crabs stole the limelight with it's rich buttery sauce and the table lapped it up with the Man Tous. Stewed Cabbage came bathed with a naturally sweet sauce from the generous amounts of dried scallops that was stewed with it. Sweet, flavorful and nutritious. The Red Snapper was fresh, as if it had just been taken off a fisherman's boat and the bean sauce served to enhance it's natural flavours. The Boneless chicken was fried to perfection, with a crispy outer layer and succulent, tender chicken meat inside. However, I found the fruit based sauce slightly bland.

Clockwise, from top left: Omellete with Crab Meat, Fried rice with Crabs, Tiger Prawns Stir Fried in Special Curry, Mango Sago Cream, Braised Bean Curd Combination.

The Eggs Omelette with crab meat was beautifully presented and the fried rice was faultless. The stir fried Tiger Prawns with Curry was fresh and succulent. The Tofu came in a ghastly shade of yellow, but tasted fine and the Mango with Sago Cream was rich and opulent.

The conversation became more and more animated and boisterous until the end of the meal. Time flew so fast that we did not notice that it was past their closing time. Thank you, FBB, for the invitation. You have made a wretched and lonely old man very happy that day. Thank you to other bloggers for a wonderful and laughter filled, memorable dinner, and shout outs to Jade Wong and the folks at Bangsar One, who were kind enough to take us in for the night!

Bangsar Seafood is having a Ramaddan Buffet with 1 kilo of crabs thrown in free if you order their Ramaddan Dinner. This place serves Halal Food.

RM 498+: Appetizer, Shark’s Fin Soup, Chicken with Ginger, Spicy Fried
Fish, Lychee Prawns, Signature Beancurd, ‘Kampung’ fried rice, Custard
Buns, Dessert

RM 598+: Appetizer, Sharks Fin Soup, Chicken with Plum Sauce, Pomfret with
Bean Sauce, Prawns with Sweet Corn Sauce, Steamed “Sang Gan”, Tom Yam
Noodles, Banana with “Gula Melaka”, Dessert

RM 698+: Appetizer, Double boiled soup, Roast chicken, Red snapper, Otak
Otak Fried Prawns, Braised Sea Cucumber, Oyster Fried Rice, Chinese
Pastries, Dessert

RM 898+: Homemade appetizers, Sharks Fin Soup with Pumpkin, Boneless Duck,
Curried Garoupa, Braised Seafood, Mango Prawns, Garlic Fried Rice, Banana
& ‘Gula Melaka’, Dessert

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant
63, One Bangsar
Jalan Ara
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2282 2555


CUMI & CIKI said...

nice shots! heard u brought the single malts.. how generous:)

fatboybakes said...

haha, what a cute write up. thanks for the single malts. and EH, for the record, i didnt say "Want to go eat @ Bangsar Seafood or not? My treat."....that is the modus operandi of some OTHER food blogger who actually tells unsuspecting ppl its their treat.

nice pics! oh ya, and thanks muchly for the generous single maltS!

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

OLD MAN! HARLOW! ;-) What does that say about me? Who's older than YOU! ;-) hahahaha OK I'll take THAT as a compliment.

Great writeup :-) And a great way to say that the people make the food good and the good food makes for good times! ;-)

Paranoid Android said...

@Cumi&Ciki: Yar lo. Once a while ok la. Kept one bottle for you guys and one special bottle for FBB.

@FBB: Thanks for the invite, man.

@Allan and Nigel: Yar... Thanks for the great company. Anyway, you look way younger than your real age, which must be ?28 this year?

UnkaLeong said...

Yin Dee Thee Dai Ru Jak na khrap. I just hitch a ride with the big wigs most of the time :P

Lovely write up

Frat said...

I wish I could write like that. I blame the education system. All I can say is... "zOMG the food wuz da bomb"... and the next thing you know... I'm already stuffing my face. Nice one Paranoid Android :)

Paranoid Android said...

@Unka: Nice meeting you too!

@Frat: My writing is horrible. All rush jobs!

Paranoid Android said...

@Unka: Nice meeting you too!

@Frat: My writing is horrible. All rush jobs!

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