Monday, June 11, 2012

Swimming Against The Tide Of Opinion. I-Chiro Sushi Bar, One Utama, PJ.

(no pork served)

The foodie world was recently abuzz with the opening of a Japanese Ramen Shop. Everyone was singing high praises about it and I was intrigued. The unending accolade made out the Ramen Shop to be the elusive spring to cleanse my past sin of eating unworthy Ramen. KL has quite a fair number of Ramen Shops. Right at my door step is Marutama Ramen and Hokkaido Santouka, both reasonably good with it's own fans and detractors.

My curiosity was satiated one hot, sunny afternoon with it's thick and full bodied, almost al dente noodles, but here is where the compliments end. The broth was too salty and muddled and the pork slices insipid. They served the most shameless, thick skinned gyoza in town with it's skin thicker than the face of most Malaysian Politicians but thankfully less pock marked than our most politically incorrect Minister. The eggs were overcooked with the whites as hard as marbles (not referring to the anatomical marbles which are much softer in comparison) with the yolk more powdery than a Geisha's face. A repeat visit a week later did not reveal much improvement to their offerings.

I pitied my dining companion who paid for the meal for committing and act of senseless fiduciary self immolation, just like the Communist Government who probably laughed gleefully at the charred bodies recalling the amount of money saved from bullets and incarceration.

One afternoon, we ventured beyond the hype and visited a small little Sushi bar hidden right at the back of Isetan One Utama. I-Chiro, as with most sushi bars, has almost a clinical approach to it's interior with a sushi counter and a few smaller tables for those who prefer some privacy. Patrons use ipads located at the side of the table to select their food and do their ordering. It was a novel experience but most importantly their food did not disappoint. All the cuts were fresh and flavorful and came beautifully plated.

Service was top notched and the price was slightly on the high side compared to chain Sushi joints, about RM 180 (including taxes) for a lunch for two but worth every penny.

As for the all the hype? Of course one is entitled to their opinion and especially for food, there is no right and wrong opinion. But probably as with any promises made by politicians regarding transforming the society, the bigger the hype, the lesser the chance of it succeeding. Maybe they needed the hype to convince themselves in the first place and to those who succumb to the hype, the only outcome is disappointment.

I did not bring my camera there that day and decided to use my Mobile and tested if I could do a post with it. You can view it below.

I-Chiro Sushi Bar
Level 2
Isetan Eat Paradise
One Utama


The Yum List said...

Wow! I never knew sushi could be so exciting. Love your comic format :-)

Baby Sumo said...

Hahah comic strips a la Jon's style :)

Michelle Chin said...

Gyoza compared to Malaysian Politicians...

objectification? infrahumanization?

fatboybakes said...

as usual, brilliant. so the chawan mushy was not mushy but hard....

Thailand Club said...

OMG, ur photos r always arts, adding now fascinating cartoon storyboard .. a big bow to u!

Ciki said...

Coolest post ever! Love the effects yo!

LisaJ said...

Brilliant post! Sushi turns to be exciting thanks to your description.

Ciki said...

Hewwo! Our website is now no longer cumidanciki but . Please kindly update your blogroll, thanks soooo much! :D xox,mei

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