Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Apologies for hiding in the rabbit hole.

I have followed Alice into the rabbit hole and am now being held hostage by the Mad Hatter. As punishment for gluttony, I have to be present for his Mad Hatter tea everyday, and am now living in constant fear of having my head lobbed off by the Queen of Hearts.

While the Hookah smoking caterpillar has offered me advice on how to shrink and expand my workload, it has not helped a bit. Sometime I wished that my workload can disappear like the Cheshire Cat, just leaving some Moolah, it remains just a wish. Cheerio, folks. And will be back after the 23rd of March.


thule a.k.a leo said...

ESCAPE soon!!!

CuriousCats said...

We miss your food porn! We'll be waiting for your next coming! :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wat, another 2 weeks!??

UnkaLeong said...

Safe travels! See you soon.

Rebecca Saw said...

Arghh! What did the Red Queen do to your eye??? ;p

Ok, its a lame joke. Yeah..

Seriously tho, you nd a break, do try to engineer yourself one.

Thailand Club said...

here with less fun without reviews from u :)

Unknown said...

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GobloKing said...

sweetheart! Are you not back in town? It IS MAY! BKK is in the pits & we'll Miss yr blogging!


btw: give Maru Korean/Jap restaurant fr the Shogun group located at Angkupuri Condo (next to Gdn Int Sch in M Kiara) a try.

Totally authentic korean & a great run for the moolah

ya. Like Aunty here expert on Korean cuisine. RightyO. Don't trust anyone who's never been to K land but only hon citizen due to massive inhalations of kdrama

Paranoid Android said...

To all: Thanks! Sorry lor... took so long to bounce back to blogging.

@Gobloking: LOL! Auntie!!! Will check out the K-joint, and would trust you more than I trust any politician in Malaysia.

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