Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Firmware Update for Panasonic DMC LX-3.

lFor Users of Panasonic DMC LX3 out there: The new firmware update is up for this gorgeous little compact. You can get it here. I was just thinking of upgrading to a DSLR when this upgrade came and put my plans on hold for a while. DSLRs are so big and bulky and it must be intimidating for Restaurants to have the photos of their dishes taken. The LX3 is still compact and unobtrusive.

Just took it for a spin after upgrading, and now, I can take pictures in 1:1 format! Yay!

Braised Duck and Foie Gras with Mushroom Ragout.

Panache of Seafood.
Maybe I should have a contest and see if you guys can identify the tempura like thingy at the background? But no marks for guessing where this came from.

Apple tart.

My only gripe about the LX3? Shooting in low lights and funny lights. The White Balance is really off sometimes and working with the packaged RAW editor is no bundle of joy either. Usually after I correct 1 photo, I'll be too lazy to go any fiurther! But the firmware offers White Balance Bracketing as well.... Interesting. For less than RM 1,500, I still think the LX3 is a marvellous buy. Oh! Forgot to mention that the pixes have been cropped to 4:3 here. If you use the 1:1, the photos will turn up at at 1:1 square format too...


in the sea said...

Android, LX-3 is a very good prosumer compact camera. If you want a DSLR, try to get Panasonic GF1. Not sure if in KL, you can choose either a 20mm fixed focal length but the aperture at F1.7 or another one 14-45 (equil. to 28-90mm) lens for more flexibility. The good thing about this one for 4/3 sensor is that it can go with Leica M series lens, but that will be a trap for you when you indulge in Leica lens.

Actually you can try the Fujifilm EXR DC. When we often talk about aperture and megapixel, Fujifilm goes to the electronic part and their newly invented EXR has a 3 layers of sensor to capture light and image.

Paranoid Android said...

@ITS: Mmmmm Yes! Would love to get my grubby hands on the GF1, but am very very worried about the lenses. 4/3's are not very popular here and I have seen the Olympus EP1. Fantastic retro design, but slightly more difficult to us.

The Fujis are difficult to find here too.

I was wondering whether to tempt fate by throwing my self into the APS-C Canon pond. That is the most easily available camera here, plus a lot of lenses even from generic lens makers. The Canon 7D had me slobbering with the beautiful specs (on paper at least), but it has yet to be launched in Malaysia yet. Looks like I'll have to wait, and save up, because it is bound to be frightfully expensive here!

Thanks for your input, as always! And have a nice weekend.

CUMI & CIKI said...

ur photos are so big and lush, i wanna hug em.

thule a.k.a leo said...

I'm more interested in the picture's content rather than the picture :) but then, it has to be the effect that interest me.. so keep on taking good pictures

UnkaLeong said... getting a brand new camera hor? Pics look great bro!

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