Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! Return of the Living Dead. Daikanyama, Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL.

Happy Halloween! Funny how there is a day to celebrate the Macabre and scary things that go bump in the night. As the Old Chinese Aunties will say, so choi! Nonetheless, we ventured out on this ghost infested night, begging for tricks and treats at good old Changkat Bukit Bintang, which resembles RCA Bangkok in it's indulgent hedonistic heydays. Rows of pubs and eateries lined up together in a narrow street with music blasting out of every joint creating a cacophony of sound that delights the certified crazy Android.

Ciki organized a Halloween do at Daikanyama, and the theme was supposed to be Harajuku Punk Girls. Guys exempted for not being able to apply Goth make ups. And oversized androids too, because of the size 28 cut off point for most Harajuku outfits.

After imbibing in some serious amounts of sucky, sucky, oh so smooth Sake that would have sent Bacchus back to the vineyards in shame, Daikanyama was invaded by foul smelling ghouls and zombies! Nigel stabbed one of the zombies with a frozen "Death By Chocolate" cake. As the zombie lay trembling waiting for it's end ( I can't say die, because technically speaking, Zombies are already dead. Would love to see how the NRD deals with a Zombie... ), we cheered them on by having more Sake!

*Actually we have to thank Will Quah and gang for turning up as part of their Halloween Pub Lurch

As the evening drew to an end (at least for me), the girls got frisky and accosted the DJ and owner of the joint. It was truly a 1Malaysia event, because my officially assigned driver joined in as well. The poor chap from the kampung wanted to see Halloween first hand but got frightened when the ghoulies turned up and he cabuted. He declined to be photographed for obvious reasons. OK. Am eating Hairy Crabs when I am posting this, and my hands smell bad. Gotta wash them off!

Thanks Guys for a Happy Harrowing Harroween, Japanese style.

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CUMI & CIKI said...

excellent shots android! rock on!! LOL

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