Friday, May 8, 2009

What prompted two decent, law abiding, god fearing men to wear black?

My boss and his wife are two of the most decent people I know, or maybe will get to know in my life time. God fearing born again Christians, family orientated, always pro-establishment, follows the letter of law to the dot.

God knows how many charitable acts they have done silently, helping out every soul who has ever had the privilege to have known them. How many dying souls they have comforted, the hungry they have fed. Their house is like a Charity home. A complete contrast from my hedonistic life, in pusuit of material happiness!

What made them wear black yesterday? The two timid souls, who could never say Boo! When I asked them, they just smiled and said, "What is wrong, is wrong". Simple. Yet profound.

I write as an average Joe, not endowed with literary skills, no sharp political acumen, not bothered the least with politics previously, not widely read in Politics or Law. But gut instincts and a logic, plus what I remembered from Kertas Am days, tell me that my Boss and his wife is probably right.

No amount of spinning is going to rectify what has been imprinted on the mind. The image of the (Ex)Speaker, Mr. Sivakumar being dragged out forcibly screaming and shouting, this is worse that that of the Taiwan Assembly, which has been the butt of our jokes.

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