Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sage. Gardens Midvalley. Lunch Menu, 28th Sept to 2nd Oct, 2009. Myth of a Controlled Dining Ambiance Shattered.

(no pork served)

At the entrance of Sage, there is a small little sign that says that there are certain rules that diners should abide by while enjoying their food at Sage. Children under 6 to be supervised by adults and phones in silent mode. Anybody with half a brain will be able to interpret that the Management of Sage places emphasis on the comfort of their diners. Being assaulted by high pitched, loud and animated conversation and loud laughter from a table of 8 is not comfortable. Rules are absolutely unnecessary if only people are considerate to the needs of others. There is a time or place for everything. I'm sure you wouldn't raise a toast and Yam Seng at a fine dining western restaurant.

Note to inconsiderate Diners. If you have a loud voice, tone it down. Use your larynx intelligently, it can be controlled to decrease the volume of your voice. Keep your conversation to your table. As interesting as the story may sound to you, I am not interested in your office politics and where your boss parks his private parts during leisure. Please respect the others around you, other diners might want a quiet and enjoyable meal. There is a place for everything. If you fellowship during meal means telling bawdy, off coloured jokes or loud conversation with 3 threads going on at the same time, book a table in a private room. Or dine in a loud Chinese restaurant. Plenty of dining options available. I know it is difficult for the serving staff to tell customers off without offending anyone, but the customers themselves should be considerate and have some respect for the other diners.

Before you throw a plate of Foie at me, and comment that I am a snobbish, snooty and grumpy old fool, just look back on your previous dining experiences and see if you have been appalled by the lack of consideration of ther diners? It was unbearably noisy when I dined there today. So loud, I could no hear what the waiter was saying to me when I wanted to select the Cheese. Sigh!

This weeks menu at Sage is:


1. Mousselline of Scallop with King prawns and Lily Bulb.

Lovely Scallops with springy consistency and seared just right, served with mousseline (sauce folded with egg whites and cream) which further enhanced the already rich Prawn Flavoured Sauce.


2. Warm Salad of Quail with Foie Gras and Asian Greens

Probably another crowd favourite at Sage. Beautifully seared Foie with tender Quail meat. Served with Balsamic Dressing.


1. Pan Fried Red Star Garoupa with Aubergine and Red Wine Reduction

Baurtifully Pan Fried Garoupa with an almost raw centre, served with 2 types of Sauces. Creamy and the Red Wine Reduction had a terriyaki like taste that was a bit strange.


2. Grilled Angus Beef, Sauteed Mushrooms and Taragon Butter.

Faultless beef that was served with some of the most incredible tasting stir fried mushrooms and potatoes.


1. Miile Feuille of Strawberry with Vanilla Ice Cream and Lime Zest.

A slightly more disappointing dessert from Sage when compared to the more illustrious offerings previously. The lime Zest could hardly be tasted at all but the Phyllo Pastry was well prepared.


2. French Farm Cheese

The cheese is at the bottom right and not the top, who are the lovely couple I met from FBB's Bangsar outing and the Hari Raya do. They displayed beautiful dining manners. Although there were later joined by friends for a bash, the level of conversation from their table was hardly audible. Compared with the din from the other tables half a restaurant away, they were god send! It does show that the young can be better behaved than the old.

View of KL from my table. Edited with GIMP for that toy town aka Godzilla town look. I will be taking a break from blogging about lunches at Sage as I think i have completed their Menu cycle rotation.

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Thailand Club said...

hahahaha Sage again, i am expecting

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha somehow i feel i wont b out of place among tat NOISY grp..

then again i suppose u need to tone dwn depending from place to place..

foie too precious for me to throw some at u, although i wouldnt mind getting some thrown over..

Nic (KHKL) said...

on a happier note, sage's creations got me salivating yet again! and congratulations on completing the menu rotation. looking forward to more interesting menus from sage in the future.

thule a.k.a leo said...

Sage again??? Gosh... creature of habit... time to venture out further loh...

Paranoid Android said...

@TC: Ha ha ha... Hai lor. No more ideas.

@Joe: Yes ar? Next time, pity the poor yob sitting at the next table, who had a rough morning, trying to catch up on his reading and preparing for another marathon session of meetings and conferencing lor. :D *throws a plate of foie at joe*

Paranoid Android said...

@Nic: OK! Thanks. I think I'll give Sage a break and try to find a quiet place to hide during lunch. Any ideas?

@Thule: Yep. Ventured out to Solaris area for lunch 2 times, and the area was packed. The food at the outlets there not so refined or transcendent. At the end of lunch, I was totally stressed out! I usually don't post about the not so good places unless they are really out to fleece my $.

CUMI & CIKI said...

i know u love this plc. why u luv this plc so much.. why.. ? haha

Baby Sumo said...

I was here for lunch on the same week! Loved the beef!

How come you can dine at Sage so often lehh? Lucky you!

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