Friday, September 25, 2009

Sage. Gardens, Midvalley. Lunch Menu, 23rd to 25th Sept, 2009. Welcome Home!

(no pork served)

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
. During my absence, I have been pining for Sage, for it's understated charm and the brilliant serving team that makes me feel welcome during my visits. This week's menu would showcase what I have been missing for the past 3 weeks. Some may complain about the almost Omakasen like austerity of choice (only 2 choices for each course), but I have yet to be disappointed.

Fedelini Pasta with Mushroom Ragout and Shaved Wagyu. Harmonious blend of woody and earthy mushrooms with soft and gently seared waygu slices makes this dish a perfect start for lunch. All the tastes were masterfully blended and accentuated in this faultless pasta with nary a discordant note. Heavenly.

Roasted Lamb with Ratatouille and Natural Jus. Lovingly grilled with all the natural flavours intact and gently coaxed to release it's natural jus, the Lamb meat remained so tender that an edentulous matron would be beaming for joy. The vegetable stew (Ratatouille) with Zucchini, Aubergines, Tomatoes, Onions and Garlic was flavoured subtly with Garden herbs and was slightly sourish. Sublime.

I have always been delightfully surprised by the Desserts and sage and today was no different. Apples baked with cheese and then folded with Calvados (Apple Brandy) Sabayon that was light, fluffy and airy. Topped with sinfully fragrant Honey Ice Cream (Gratinated Fuji Apples with Calvados Sabayon and Honey Ice Cream). Great ending.

My favourite table at Sage. Another beautiful lunch.

Other choices

1. Tartare of Smoked Salmon with Hokkaido Scallop and Asparagus for Starters

2. Steamed Seabass with Piqued of Anchovy and Spinach Puree for Mains.

Gardens Hotel and Residences

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Thailand Club said...

after 3 weeks of 'homesick' finally u can return 'home' for lunch

Vonks said...

back to civilisation? kekkkek

Paranoid Android said...

@TC Yar lor! Your fish swallowing cuisine act still has me stumped!

@Vonks: Return to uncivilized KL you mean?

Thailand Club said...

hahahaha, Android so waiting for ur guess lor

Paranoid Android said...

Hmmm... I scratched my head for 2 days already!

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