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Symphony of Flavours. Nathalie's Gourmet Studio, Solaris Dutamas, KL.

(no pork served)

Salmon Tataki, Cereliac Puree and Truffle Oil

Imagine your mouth filled with a spoonful of the most heavenly Cereliac Puree, wonderfully fragrant yet slightly earthy and vegetal, light and pure, not overtly green nor overpoweringly pungent, with a slight starchiness. You ask the Manager, what's the secret?

Roasted Celery.

You nod, and slowly work your way down into the cubed bits of Salmon, drizzled with Truffle Oil. Slices of crunchy Daikon Radish to balance out the beautifully clean flavour and texture of this very untraditional rendition of the Tataki. You smile and think. So simple yet so delicious. The sea meets the land with a rapturous sigh of pleasure.

Morel and Chicken Timbale, Morel Emulsion

Nathalie's menu rotates monthly with 5 starters, mains and dessert. Yet the menu is so diverse and inspired that it is breathtaking. The cooking techniques are faultless and the plating is simple. The Chicken and Morel Timbale looks like a feat of engineering marvel, with vertically assembled Penne lining the succulent baked chicken topped with Morel Mushrooms. The ensemble came steeped in frothy, earthy morel emulsion that made each mouthful a pure indulgence and a celebration of the earthiness of this mushroom.

Citrus Scallop Carpaccio, Mesclun and Citrus Dressing

The soft and slithery scallop carpaccio came adorned with the usual salad greens and avocado and crowned with some crisp fried julliened ginger. The grapefruit based dressing was sourish and tangy. It was a wonderfully refreshing salad.

Revised Bouillabaisse

Nathalie used Haddock or ├ęglefin in her Revised Bouillabaisse that was marvelously smokey and infused with generous amounts of Saffron. The interesting thing about this soup was it was served with bread topped with Rouille Sauce, which is popular in Provencal cooking but I have never encountered in KL before. Despited the "revision", the Bouillabaisse did not stray too far from it's heart in the South of France.

King Prawn Lasagna, Zucchini done 2 ways, Bisque

It is always a pleasure to dine at Nathalie's because of the beautiful touches and the slight whimsical sense of humour that gives the dishes so much personality without resorting to theatrics. The King Prawns Lasagna with two large perfectly grilled and aromatic prawns sitting resplendently on top of 3 layers of Lasagna, with some zucchini and tomato in between one of the layers, and some chives in another. The bisque sauce that cloaked the Lasagna was an inspiration, lightly creamy yet intensely flavoured. The flavour lingered on in the palate like a long lost kiss from a forgotten lover.

Stuffed Cabbage

The Stuffed Cabbage with Beef, Chicken and Parmesan swimming in Herbal and Chicken Broth was a worthy homage to the rustic, austere and mountainous Auvergne region in Central France. The meat was densely packed and richly flavoured, and the serving has huge.

When it comes to desserts, be prepared for some of the most pleasurable and indulgent treats this side of the world. Nathalie does not fail to deliver and deserves to be named the Goddess of Desserts. The flavours are usually intense, gorgeous and multi-dimensional.

Roasted Pineapple Tart

The roasted pineapple tart was served with an extraordinary dollop of pineapple sorbet and crowned with a paper thin slice of oven dried/roasted pineapple. Sweet, crisp and tart and bursting with beautiful tropical flavours, it was magnificent.

Citrus Craquant

The Citrus Craquant hid some beautiful Grapefruit Sorbet inside it's cripsy cracker like exterior. Bit's of grapefruit and orange lined the bottom and it was topped with orange sorbet and a thin slice of crispy oven dried lemon. There is a light tinge of bitterness to this that drove me to a frenzy. I must go back soon to taste the rest of their desserts which sounds tempting, especially the Caramel Mousse, Roasted Banana with Morels and Balsamic Caramel Sauce which I am sure will be ecstatic. I have decided to post earlier without completing the menu because the current menu will end in 2 week's time!

Updated! The Caramel Mousse, Roasted Banana with Morels and Balsamic Caramel Sauce. It was ecstatic.

Nathalie has been nominated as one of the contenders for the best Chef in the Time Out KL food awards 2010. You can cast your votes here.

Be prepared to pay about RM120-RM150 for lunch. For detailed menu and pricing, please visit Nomad Gourmand's site here.

Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio
A-4-1-5 Dutamas Solaris
Jalan Dutamas
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

i'd be spoilt for choice with such a marvelous selection. how how? i can anticipate visiting only once this month. argghh. thx for the writeup!

J said...

Boooooo.... Why didnt u tell me u were headed over there so that I can come steal ur food again??

(*lol* So very thick skinned, horr?)

J2Kfm said...

These posts on Nathalie's killing me. I wonder since she changes the menu ever so often, will there be reruns? In a good way of course, since some customers maybe missing a dish or two from the previous month(s).

May said...

would love to go to Nathalie's .. too bad it doesnt open for dinner

minchow said...

Do I read "generous amounts of saffron"? Really, truly? Will the true flavour of saffron finally rest on these deprived tastebuds?

in the sea said...

The presentation of the dishes are very appealing. Besides, the way you took them and frame them makes it. I like the pineapple tart!

GobloKing said...


When I strike the lottery I will surely go to Nat's!!

I am such a saffron whore...bought mine in Ampang at an Iranian shop (they looked potential Al-Q - you hv been warned!).

So expensive, I left my 1st born son as trade-in. I think iranian saffron is the best!

Paranoid Android said...

First of all, apologies for the delayed response to your comments. I have been swamped by work lately!

@LL: Hello dear! The selection is painfully marvelously good.

@J: Hehe... Buzz you next time?

J2Kfm: Hi! Interesting question. But honestly, I have not seen any repeats since their opening. Even their very popular duck confit was there for only a month!

@May: They are open for dinner every two weeks. The next one is on 29th Oct...

@Min: Ooooh! Yes. Saffron. I will let you know when Sage does that awesome seafood panache with Iranian Saffron.

@Sea: Thanks!

@Auntie Goblok: Hahaha! You cheer me up every time. Where do you get your energy from? You should have left Uncle there with them. He may fetch a better price. :p

thenomadGourmand said...

Sigh..I wish I could pay homage to Nathalie's cuisine by describing the food the way u did!

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