Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Emotional Catharsis.

One of those days when ineptitude of others drives me up the wall in rabid rage. When things go horribly wrong and newspapers are filled with drivel and the traffic is slower than the urine stream of an eighty year old man with prostrate problems. Mobile internet crawls so slow that emails take forever to load on my BuggerBerry. 4 zits popping out of my chin. Arghhhh!

Vichyssoise of Artichoke with Botan Ebi and Smoked Caviar

I headed to my favourite restaurant for some immediate relief. Gustatory Therapy. First to greet me was a cold soup with Botan Ebi, Smoked Avruga and Shoyu Jelly nestled on top of creamy artichoke Vichyssoise. Cooling and Calming, I took a few deep breaths and continued to savour the delights of some cold soup on a day when the temperature was hot and the psyche was in tumultuous rage.

Foie Gras Enfold with Dried Yuba and Balsamico Dressing

Next was a piece of Foie, wrapped in Folded paper thin Yuba (Foo Chook) that was deep fried until it was crunchy. It was served sitting resplendently on some puy lentils and served with a side of salad drizzled with Balsmico. I heard the angels sing and the unpleasant memory of losing my temper at some silly mistake someone made seemed further away.

Fresh Water Prawn with Squid Ink Pasta and Mixed Herbs

My wallowing in self pity was alleviated by the beautiful Squid Ink pasta wallowing in some rich Prawn Sauce bursting with Roe. It reminded me that deep in the squid ink darkness that defines my inner self, I am surrounded by resplendent friends who are rich in love. First some humorous email from @Fatboybakes about the amount of hair on @Nigelskelchy's head. A pick me up tweet from @Agentcikay checking for my vital signs.

Belgian Dark Chocolate Torte with Chocolate Ice Cream, a dream dessert.

A humorous tweet from @J_chocoholic about my previous post equating eating with sex. Another pickmeup sms from @keciktango and something about lunch from @boo_licious that added some sparkle to a listless day.

Even though lunch was ridiculously perfect and unbelievably good, it still took the small little things that friends do spontaneously to lift me out of my doldrums. The prospect of another sleep deprived night looms with piling work and my friends are probably oblivious to this post. Still, somehow I feel better because they are around.

No prizes for guessing where the food was from.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

who needs to guess? you should be their spokesperson haha.

J said...

yeah. Luckily u know how lucky u r to have such fantastic, wonderful n gorgeous friends like us! ;)

Baby Sumo said...

OMG this week's menu looks so good!

minchow said...

Sa-age... I would do anything for Saaage now. I am waiting for a diva doctor to confirm a work lunch appointment, dreading it, praying he'd cancel it so I can begin my countdown to Raya break. But if Sage be the lunch venue, I'd gladly work my butt off. Hope you're well and planning a sumptuous Raya break! On an indefinite Twitter hiatus - missing the interaction with you food-loving lot but enjoying the break from the rest of the constant stream of garbage.

boo_licious said...

Awww, I'm glad I cheered you up with plans for the Raya weekend. A foodhunting we shall go so your worries are all gone..

CUMI & CIKI said...

how about ME?!! how come i didn't add to ur happiness?!! chssss .. ahahaha..

i luv buggerberry and gastatory therapy! They just seem to slink out of the voicebox like venom anyway! how come I didn't think of it first?!! hehehehe

CUMI & CIKI said...

yar yar.. ok i saw it!

this is how i check for your vital signs.


from @agentcikay kehkehkeh

Fui Lemonadelime said...

lol, guess no one will fail to guess where they from XD

nice pics~!

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